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This is my story. It doesnt have a Название yet. Give me some suggestions. I hope u like it. Chapter 2 and 3 will be Опубликовано soon. Please comment!!!!!!!!

I could see my breathe as I stepped out into the frigid night. I tiptoed down the stairs of my back porch and headed towards the woods behind my house. They were dark and there was no moon tonight. I walked deeper and deeper into the woods until I couldn’t see any lights from my house anymore. It was well below freezing and I was wearing booty shorts and a tank top. Violent tremors shook through my body and my chattering teeth echoed in the silent woods.
    I have never been afraid of the dark but for an unknown reason I felt fear creeping up my spine. I looked over my shoulder. Of course, nothing was there. I turned to face the way I was walking and I froze. There in front of me was an angel. Maybe I froze to death and my Энджел came to take me to heaven. He was absolutely beautiful. He had medium length black hair that spiked in a disorderly manner. He was very muscular but it didn’t look unnatural. He stared at me and looked slightly annoyed. My Энджел smiled, revealing gleaming white teeth with very prominent canines. He opened his mouth as if to speak but instead he lunged toward me.
    I snapped awake and fell out of my bed. It was only a dream. But it felt so real. I looked at my alarm clock. It was five o’clock in the morning. I had a huge test the Далее day! No! I tried to go back to sleep but sleep evaded me. I arose at seven thirty like always. I went through the motions of getting ready like a zombie.
    When I arrived at school there was chatter about the mysterious new kids from England. They were supposedly very strange and kept to themselves. Then I saw them.    
    My angel. The one from the nightmare. He was standing in front of me. Only twenty или thirty feet away. I stared and he met my eyes. His eyes were glorious, a deep maroon color that looked almost black with a red tint. The maroon was ringed in a deep blue that matched perfectly with his amazing face. He was even еще beautiful than I imagined. The dream had not done him justice. He winked.
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The plane ride to the island was long than it took forever once we were done with the planes just to get to the island. But we finally made it. “Wow it’s beautiful.” Jacob helped me out of the лодка then grabbed the suitcases. “Jump on my back, I’ll carry Ты there.” Jacob сказал(-а) turning around. I jumped on and kissed his neck. “I Любовь you, when we drop of the suitcases Ты wanna go swimming?” I asked him just as we made it to the door. “Of course as long as I’m with Ты I will.” He сказал(-а) opening the door. We walked to the пляж, пляжный and got undressed and jumped in.

The water was...
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