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it's a long and last one for today, i'm almost heading to постель, кровати ENJOY oh btw it's from bella's pov so Ты don't hear much of the fight, but I will mention it later about what happened to those witches.

Bella's pov

I knew from where they were coming so I had to take the same path otherwise I would miss them and they would still go after my family.
I started running thru the forest as fast I could till I was at this open field. I stopped I could smell there sent now, they were getting closer. I was glad I hunted before with Edward so I wouldn’t be weak but instead allot stronger.
I took a deep breath.

I started looking and then I saw them, they were coming closer and they stopped not far from me.
“hello” one stranger said
“what’s your name” the other one said
“hello, my name is Bella” I сказал(-а) strong
“well, well, well, Ты got nerves to face us” the last one said
“My name is Dorian, this is Nathaniel and that guy is Marco, we mean no harm” the first guy Dorian сказал(-а) friendly.
“Were looking for someone” the секунда guy Nathaniel said
“Who then, not many people leave around here” I сказал(-а) back still Актёрское искусство like I didn’t know where they were talking about.
“Someone who got hurt badly and then later she’s all better again” the third guy Marco said.

I knew I couldn’t keep this up so it was time to let them now it was me there looking for
“A witch, Ты mean” I сказал(-а) and I saw them looking surprised
“How did Ты know that” the first guy Dorian сказал(-а) curious
“Because you’re looking for me” I сказал(-а) serious
“Well that’s changes everything” Nathaniel said
“So Ты aren’t here by accident, Ты are here because Ты knew we were coming” Dorian сказал(-а) again
“yes, I want to talk instead of getting into a fight” I сказал(-а) regular
I heard the third guy Marco laughing
“no fighting” he сказал(-а) “to bad I was hoping for some entertainment”
I looked angry at him
“look, just come with us and nobody get’s hurt” Dorian сказал(-а) again not paying attention to Marco
“No, I’m not going anywhere, I have a life here and if it was up to me I wouldn’t choose being a witch anymore either” I сказал(-а) angry
“What” Dorian сказал(-а) “You would choose being a human above being a witch”
“Yes and no, I died last год and I was saved by vampires, so I’m not human anymore, but I choose being a vampire always above being a witch” I сказал(-а) serious

All three of them looked surprised at me
“So what, she’s even better than what we expected, let’s take her against her will if we have to” Marco сказал(-а) to Dorian.
I could see that Dorian was the leader of there group. I was just hoping he would give me a chance on the life I want.
“You were close of not being a witch anymore, weren’t you” Dorian asked me
I starred at the ground for a секунда than looked up to him and said
“Yes, I had only a год to go. I was close but my body got damaged because of my stupidity. The vampire part of me would healed me but I guess the witch part was faster, so I Остаться в живых every год I never used magic on this stupid mistake” I сказал(-а) painfully.
“I see, but Ты still have to come with us, Ты can choose with force или on free will” Dorian сказал(-а) strong and determined
“Than I choose with force” I сказал(-а) angry and prepared myself
I heard noises coming from behind me and it got me distracted. I saw Marco Переместить so fast that he was holding me in a tight grip now. I couldn’t even Переместить anymore.

I started to struggle to get myself loose of his grip but it was impossible, he was holding me very tight and he dragged me over to his group as we turned towards the forest, where I heard the noise coming from.
“Show yourself” Dorian said
And then I saw them coming from the forest in front of us.
Edward, Jacob, Leann, Daniel and the rest of the Cullen’s. Marco suddenly turned himself with me still holding in his grip, he wanted to see what was behind him and now I could see too. I saw the Волки growling. Marco placed himself so he could keep an eye on both sides just incase if one of the sides attack, he could kill me.

Now I started thinking that maybe facing them alone was a bad idea. I could feel Marco’s grip even tighter around my waist and neck and it started to hurt.
“If Ты attack, will kill her and don’t think were not capable of doing it” Dorian сказал(-а) on regular voice.
I could look at Edward for a секунда but what I saw in his eyes I had never seen before, that fear, now I felt guilty for not trusting him.
Seeing Edward with such fear, it made me really afraid, I had the feeling I wasn’t going to leave this place alive. But I had to give myself a chance even if it would cost me my life.
I took a deep breath.
I had to react fast so I put my elbow in his chest so he loosened his grip and I turned myself and bite him in the neck so hard, that I tasted that blood and I couldn’t stop drinking it. I heard people yelling my name and then I felt two arms grabbing me, I turned myself hit Nathaniel hard on the noise and I ran thru the forest not caring what happened. I kept on running till I was far from the field now and then I stopped. I started to whisper to myself
“I drank human blood, I drank... human... blood” I started to say slowly now, realizing what I had done. When suddenly I heard footsteps from behind me and I prepared myself in defense and turned around

“Bella, it’s me” Edward сказал(-а) and I saw Carlisle and Alice behind him
He took a step towards me and I took steps back
“Don’t” I сказал(-а)
“Bella, it’s going to be okay, don’t blame yourself about what happened, Ты instinct just reacted, that’s all” Edward сказал(-а) taking another step towards me
But I couldn’t let him come closer, I was still so afraid so I took another step back, I was ready to run away when I heard Alice scream
“She’s going to run, grab her Edward”
I almost got away when I felt Edward’s arms grabbed me tight and I started to struggle but it was no use so I just gave up. My legs couldn’t hold me anymore and I felt on my knees on the ground but I still couldn’t resist to snob.
“You should let me go, I’m a danger to all of you” I сказал(-а) with snobs
“Bella you’re not and I don’t think someone else would disagree with me, we all been on that road, Ты did it to save yourself before they killed you, some Вампиры do it because they enjoy it или are hungry, Bella you’re not a threat или a danger to us” Edward сказал(-а) carefully and caring.
“please leave me alone" i сказал(-а) still with snobs
“I’ll never leave Ты alone, not now and specially not in the condition Ты are now” He сказал(-а) and grabbed my body of the ground and carried me. I held my arms around his neck, holding him close. I never wanted to let him go, never again.
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