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Bella's pov

“Bella, my love.” I heard behind me and I felt my сердце breaking just hearing Edward’s sweet voice. I closed my eyes for a секунда and then turned myself towards him, instead of looking at Franco. I starred into Edward’s black eyes.
“I ….” I started saying but my voice just stopped I couldn’t say anything anymore.
“it’s okay, I understand, Bella. I forgive you.” Edward сказал(-а) loveable
“FORGIVE ME ! Edward, how can Ты forgive me after everything I did that made me hurt you” I сказал(-а) now with so much pain that I felt my tears coming up again but I convinced myself to be strong. I wanted to turn myself away from him but he grabbed my hand gently and then grabbed my face so I would look at him.
We just starred at each other when he suddenly kissed me. I pulled myself away from his kiss.
“Don’t, please” I begged him.
“Don’t Ты Любовь me Bella” he сказал(-а) too. He used my own words against me.
“Of course I Любовь you” I сказал(-а) back and then he kissed me again, so intense that I let him Kiss me.

I realised I stopped focusing on Franco so I abruptly stopped Поцелуи Edward and turned myself towards Franco. He was gone.
“Oh no” I сказал(-а) whispering in panic voice
“Bella, we’ll find him” Edward responded on my panic attack.
“I know, but when will Ты find him, how can I feel безопасно, сейф again, how can everyone feel безопасно, сейф again” I сказал(-а) slowly while taking place on the couch, Edward took place Далее to me.
“Bella, it’s not your fault, stop blaming yourself, if it’s one person Ты should be blaming it would be me.” He сказал(-а) upset and painful
“YOU, Ты had nothing to do with this” I сказал(-а) upset and confused
“Bella, I didn’t protect Ты или our children. I didn’t make Ты feel безопасно, сейф anymore” he сказал(-а) looking straight into my eyes.
“Edward, there’s only one person who I feel безопасно, сейф with and that’s you.” I сказал(-а) back and he grabbed my hand and kissed it.
With my other hand I touched his cheek and gave him a Kiss on his lips. He instantly let go of my hand and I could feel his hands grabbing my cheeks, he was pulling my face closer to his, he started Поцелуи me еще intense that it was getting pretty hard to restrain myself for not doing еще than just kissing.

“hmm, hmm” I heard someone say but Edward still didn’t let go of my cheeks или my lips.
“EDWARD, this is not the time или place” I could hear Alice say annoyed and angry.
Now Edward started to let go of me and he looked at Alice.
“You can be so annoying Alice” he сказал(-а) back angry and annoyed too.
He grabbed my hand and we walked towards the backdoor and stopped not far from the forest
“Bella, do Ты trust me” Edward сказал(-а) calm
“Why do Ты ask me that” I сказал(-а) confused looking at him. Why did he act so strange.
“Bella” he just сказал(-а) back
“yes, I trust you” I answered back to him.
I saw him pulling my wedding ring from his pocket, I reacted with a step backwards. I knew there was something wrong. I started looking around and saw Mason standing close to Tanya and Zafrina, I focused myself on him and Mason started looking at me. I could hear thoughts of everyone, so I started focusing on the ones I wanted to hear.
I looked back at Edward and focused on him.
I heard him say that they were planning to go after Franco but they had to get me Главная first. They were planning to lock me up so I couldn’t get out to help them или even stop them before he kills them.
“What are Ты planning to do” I asked him while he stands there with the ring in his hand.
“I’m pulling your wedding ring from my pocket so Ты can wear it again” he answered back calm.

I took another step away from him.
“Bella, what’s wrong, it’s just your wedding ring” Edward сказал(-а) a little worried now.
“No, it’s not that. It’s that your lying to me” I answered back to him.
“What are Ты saying Bella” he сказал(-а) while he took a step closer to me.
“Stop lying I can read your mind, I can read everyone’s mind, so don’t bother lying” I сказал(-а) angry and upset.
“Bella” he сказал(-а) and took another step towards me
“Stay there, stay away from me, How could you” I сказал(-а) totally upset that it made me sob.
“Bella please, try to understand” he started begging and his hands were reaching our for me.
I took another step closer to the forest.
“Bella, it wasn’t Edward’s idea. It was our idea” Alice сказал(-а) trying to calm me down
“But he agree to it, didn’t he. I’ve been so blind that I didn’t see this coming.” I сказал(-а) upset and with little sobs.
“Bella, my love. Please let us explain, it’s not what Ты think, please don’t be upset” He still сказал(-а) begging

I looked at the ground and then I felt a hand around my arm and I turned around. It was Franco who was holding me tight.
“LET GO OF ME” I yelled and I started struggling.
“You see Isabella, what they were planning to do with you. They wanted to get rid of you” He сказал(-а) with a regular tone to me. I could here growls coming from everywhere.
“LET GO” I kept yelling at him.
“I told you, there not your kind” he сказал(-а) calm but still not letting go of me.
“I’ll deal with this myself, no let go или Ты will be sorry” I сказал(-а) angry, struggling to get my arm out of his hand. But still he wouldn’t budge.
I raised my other hand to slap him, but he caught it just before I could hit his face. Now he was holding both of my hands and our faces were standing in front of each other.
“That’s not nice, Isabella. When you’ll wake up everything will be okay” He сказал(-а) amused. What did he just mean after I wake up. So I starred at him frightened I started to struggle even еще but then he pushed his lips on mine. I was still struggling but something made me weak on my feet and it wasn’t the intensive Kiss he was giving me.
He let go of my lips and I only saw just a bluer of his face before everything turned black.
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