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I phased back, letting the heated tremors rock through my body violently, and watching as I changed form. Suddenly, my head was filled with voices.
There Ты are Jacob!
Where have Ты been?!

I wasn’t listening. One of the most special moments of my life had been ruined, once again, by the pack.
What! Why did Ты do that? I shouted angrily. On секунда thoughts, I thought it angrily.
They always do this; spoil my fun.
No Jake, we’re not spoiling your fun. We’re trying to protect Renesmee.
It was Sam’s voice. My head amazingly now had extra Космос for hearing, although it was clouded with panic.
Yes, Jacob. We understand she has made a new friend. Tauri Newton?
Yes. Remember Bella’s old friend Mike?

My mood changed again. Now it wasn’t panic или anger, it was pure hate as I thought o him.
Ah, I’ll take that as a yes then.
Don’t worry, bud. Calm down. Everything will be okay.

And that was Seth. Lovely, young Seth. One of my best friends. Kind, sweet Seth, who didn’t need the Обои and tangy taste in my thoughts.
Sorry dude, I said, trying to calm myself.
Anyway, Tauri Newton, Sam carried on, is Mike’s sister. She is not here with Mike as far as we know but…
I saw it in his thoughts. Tauri had pure vampire stench soaked into her skin. Not Nessie’s lovely, sweet smell, или the Cullen’s type of vegetarian stink, but the smell of literally pouring pure bleach up your nose. A man-eating vampire.
Reeking bloodsuckers. So where has it come from?
I was trying to keep my cool. Everyone’s eyes were on me, waiting for me to react, but I wasn’t going to. I would do whatever it takes to protect Renesmee; the Любовь of my live, my gravitational point.
I felt sick with fear. I had no doubt we could take the vampire down, that was the easy bit. It was finding the Источник before it harmed anyone that would be the hard part…

I looked up into Sam’s weary eyes. We had all phased back, as I needed some privacy in my head. No-one knew where the scent had come from, but we knew we had to indentify it soon. Otherwise, who knows-?
No, I can’t think like that. Not when matters concern Renesmee.
My phone beeped, interrupting my thoughts. It was Edward, so I picked it up and concentrated on keeping my voice from shaking.
“Hey, Bloodsucker!” I said, trying to laugh it off.
“Yes, and you, Dog. Now, can Ты tell me what all of this is about man-eating vampire stench?”
Crap. I had forgotten that the better he knew us, the better he could read our thoughts. We were quite far away from the actual house, but almost on Cullen turf.
He must know.
“Haven’t Ты already heard? Tauri. Tauri Newton,” I spat the last word.
“Ah, I have heard Renesmee has made Друзья with her. I’m also guessing she’s Mike’s sister. However, my mind-reading skills are deceiving me a little at the moment, since you’re still quite a few miles away.” He sounded impatient.
“Aww, the little leech has a problem! Can’t cope, Bloodsucker?” I immediately felt guilty. “Look Edward, I’m sorry. Yeah, Tauri is Mike’s sister. The point is, though, she has pure vampire stench soaked into her skin, and it’s not a scent we know. That’s why we’re worried; Renesmee seems completely content with her new friend.”
“You’re sure she’s not a vampire herself?”
“Positive. It’s not a vegetarian stink. How could a man-eating vampire possibly go into a school full of thousands of young, ‘tasty’ kids, and not let the temptation to suck the whole freaking life out of them get out of hand?” I was shouting now. I had to control the violent tremors rocking my body.
“But also, how could a human-blood drinking vampire interact with a pure human, and not kill them right then? She must have spent much time with them if her skin is completely soaked through with the smell.” Edward was right.
“I know. Look, its not too late to come up, is it? I need to speak with Nessie, then we can discuss this later?”
“Sure. See Ты soon,” he said, and we both hung up.
I quickly phased, and ran. It took me all of five минуты to get to the Cullens’ place, where I became human again, for what felt like the millionth time today, and went to knock on the door.
Of course, Edward was already there, waiting for me; with lovely little Alice perched on the steps in her ladylike way, rubbing her temples. Tiny little Alice who can see the future. However, whenever I’m around, her visions are blank, and that gives her headaches. Sometimes I feel kind of bad about that.
“Woof, woof.” Called somebody from inside. Rosalie, I’m guessing. Rose is easily the most gorgeous vampire in the house, with her long, blonde hair, flawlessly creamy skin and amazing figure, and I do not doubt that, though she and I don’t get on. Actually, that’s an understatement. Rosalie and I pretty much hate each other. The only common Любовь we share is our Любовь for Nessie. Tonight, that Любовь is the most important thing on my agenda.
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