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posted by KatiiCullen94
this is the the darling edward-lover456, to who she has сказал(-а) some very kind things, i thank you.

*beep beep*, Damm alarm clock! it was early 4.00 am, and anytime now Tanna was bounded to be hungry, AKA. crying the house down. and jacob really needs sleep., i sliped of out постель, кровати trying not to wake up jacob, only to stand on my clothes from yesterday, that jacob that taken off me that night.
i tugged them on my bare body. i heard a rustle. a movement. a intake of breath.
"Who's there" i whispered, with tremors in my voice,
if ther was someone, which ther proberly want , all just in my head, i would be scared, really scared. What with jacob being who is.
Please let it not be victoria.
"Vitoria?" i gasped.
stil nothing responded, no movement answered back at me. i was going insane.
It was a the минута later, Tanna woke, adn she made sure that i heard her , loud and clear, i glided as fast as i could out of bed, as silent as i could.
i reached her door about to enter , when she stopped. But only with laughter.
She was laughing...
What a beautiful.laugh, i opened her opened door.
i took a step back, a large black figure stood above her. in the darkness.
"WHO ARE YOU!", I PANICKED who was this person,
i felt the hole in my chest, finaly spit open and tear in two. i hit the floor.i couldnt breath, and hardly able to see.
"Who are you!DONT Ты TOUCH MY BABY!!!please!, dont hurt her!" i begged.
they went cold, froze,
"bella." they whispered in a beautiful vevlet voice. I knew that voice. i couldnt rmember that voice no matter how long i had been without it. it was beautiful voice, musical, soft, soother, but yet a voice i had hide from myself for many years.
edward. edward. edward.edward.edward.
my сердце raced, i Остаться в живых all control and i fell to the floor.
As soon as my head was about to hit he slid beneath me adn lifted me onto his lap.
I saw his eyes. ohhh. bliss.
i couldnt beleive this. no.bella stop it!
"bella, my love" he caress my face my his icy cold hands. And still i felt the electric currant like we had oh so many years ago.
this wasnt real. it cant be real, but yet i know i wasnt dreaming, i know he was another hallucination. He was beautiful , the acactly as i remembered him.
edward, my edward. he just stared into my eyes, nothing else.
i diddnt know what to do,. my husband slept in the room dowbn the hall and here i was in my daughters room with my ex lover in whomi still love.
i couldn't refuse edward, или hate him. i donmt have the ability to hate edward no matter how hard i tried, no matter what he did i over looked it and over saw it, and diddnt care, and even when he diddnt say the things that werent the things i wanted to her, i just forgot about it adn moved on.
There was a part of me that wanted to yell for himto get out, and to never come back to get the hell out of my life.
BUt also, i wanted him mre than anything, i wanted him closer, i wanted to.... to just prove how much i really Любовь him.
"bella, i must leave." he sighed.
wait no!, this cant be the end,
"Please dont leave me here so unsatistied" i knew quoting 'romeo and juliet was bound to gert his attention.
"Bella,i will see Ты again." he held my hand tightly, i never wanted him to let go.i got my grip. he jerked up , i didnt losen my grip.
i cant be left with the memory alone, not like this.
i could hear jacobs footsteps sprit down teh hall
"BELLA!!!!" HE YELLED!, edwards ripped out of mine in that секунда and before i could blink he was gone.,...again.
Jacob cme thrashing through to door , grapping onto my waist.
"I плавить, корюшка a vampire."
I stood there like i had been struck by lighting for even found out i won the lottery,
"well no-one is here."
"ok, im going back to bed,"
"ok, i was going to feed her , ill be there soon"
"alright, be careful!"
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