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posted by lollipopszx3
All-Nighter, Fun, Kiss

Two weeks have passed since the circus incident. They gave me a swirly for my acting. It was in Emmett's washroom, which makes me want to barf, even thinking about it.

It was the night before school started. We are trying to pull an all-nighter at Edward's house. We have been doing this as a tradition since we were ten. We think we could really do it this year.

It was three o'clock in the morning. Edward's parents think we are asleep so we have to be extra quiet. I looked over everybody. Emmett was busy entertaining himself with a plate of food. Jasper was lying in a corner throw a Теннис ball up and down. Alice was making a shopping list, as awake as ever. Edward was busy on the computer composing new music. I was falling asleep.

It was getting darker, and darker, when suddenly I felt impact on my right cheek.

"OUCH!" I yelled before Emmett covered my mouth. "What was that for?" I hit him on the arm, just hurting myself some more.

"Well Ты were falling asleep! Ты can't! This is the last год we can be together, the all of us! Jasper and I will be leaving Далее year! Ты can't ruin this for us Swan!" He whisper-yelled.

"PMSing much?" I asked with a raised eyebrow. We laughed quietly.

"Mean much?" He waited for people to laugh but we just looked at him with a amused face. "Whatever, haters." It was way funnier that way.

"Okay guys, if Ты don't want me to fall asleep, what should I do?" They gave me all these ideas. Not that any of them were actually things that I would do.

"Try on clothes!" сказал(-а) Alice. Her luggage was huge! It could last me three full months away on vacation, wearing two different outfits a day, and not reusing any of them. Her closet was about the size of this house! She didn't have enough room in her apartment so most of her clothes are at all of our houses.

"Eat!" сказал(-а) Emmett. He loved food. Really. So far tonight, he had an entire turkey, chicken, a ham sandwich, a chicken sandwich, ice cream, yogurt, muffins, cupcakes, potatos, and he was still eating more. He eats еще in a день than I do in a month. Who eats that much?

"Music!" сказал(-а) Edward. He loves Музыка and he's always been trying to get us to play with him. Maybe he thought we were going to enter a talent Показать with him или something. Fat chance. He could get Emmett to cut down to five meals a день instead of eight, before we were going to enter a talent show.

"Cut!" сказал(-а) Jasper. Emotional little thing. He thinks that cutting is the way to go, but it's obviously not. There aren't any emos at Forks which really annoys him. That's why he's always on Эмо chatrooms talking about blades или something. He doesn't just cut like emos but he acts like them too with his clothes and musical styles.

"Do Ты guys know me at all?" I asked when they were finished with their suggestions. They know that I would much rather die before I do what they were suggesting. Well besides eat because I kind of have to survive. But I wouldn't eat the way that Emmett was suggesting.

"Well yeah, we know you. But we are trying to change you. So come with us Bella... Присоединиться the dark side..." сказал(-а) Jasper in one of those freaky talking doll ways.

"Okay Ты are the only one on the dark side, Mr. Emo. We are all on the bright and sunny side!" she сказал(-а) and drew a радуга in the air to prove her point.

"Actually I'm on the musical side..." сказал(-а) Edward as he looked up from his computer.

"I'm on the side that involves food." сказал(-а) Emmett with a mouthful of food.

"I'm on the sane side." I smiled as they looked at me with mad faces. "Hey. It's true." It seems like I'm the most normal person in my friend group.

"Oh well. I'm different and I like it." сказал(-а) Alice and she went back to her shopping list. Written on the вверх was : вверх stores to bring Bella Далее week.

"WHAT?" I shouted before Emmett stuffed a piece of хлеб in my mouth. We didn't want to wake everybody up, but the хлеб was already bitten.

"What's the matter?" asked Alice with wide innocent eyes.

I took the хлеб out of my mouth and took a bite out of it. Oh well. Emmett was practically family. "Why are Ты taking me shopping? I thought Ты promised, no еще shopping trips. I don't have any еще room in my closet!" I said.

"Well, my neighbours were renting a room and my parents had extra money this month. We decided to rent out that room for my clothes. So now we have extra shopping space!" Her face was full of glee. I didn't want to wreck it, but what the heck? She was the one that suggested that we should have a swirly in the first place.

"So Ты can take some clothes out of our house and put it there! My mom is starting to get mad at me for keeping all of those clothes at our house!"

"Whatever, hater!" сказал(-а) Alice immitating Emmett. He rolled his eyes.

"Juniors." he сказал(-а) and laughed at us.

"With a brain smarter than you." Edward said. Well it was true.

"What's your point?" he asked in a whiny voice. "At least I can beat Ты in arm wrestling!" I don't even know what that has to do with being smarter.

"Your one weird child, did Ты know that Emmett?" asked Alice.

"Well you're one crazy chick. Ты should really get something checked. I don't think being that much of a shopaholic is even possible!" сказал(-а) Emmett. We started laughing. That actually made sense and it was kind of funny. We stopped laughing when we saw Alice pout. She is just impossible to have a grudge on. That's what really annoys me about her.

"Oh Ты should've saw that coming..." I сказал(-а) to her. "You are psychic remember?"

She rolled her eyes. "Yes of course I remember... And do not make fun of me или I will use my telekinises on you! And nobody wants that!" She started to laugh evilly.

"Alice... Are Ты okay?" asked Jasper. Well he has been quiet for a while. I looked at his arm, and I saw a fresh cut.

"Oh no... Not another scar. Give me the blade." I сказал(-а) to him and held out my hand. By now, Emmett and Edward were back in their own worlds.

Jasper handed me a pencil sharpened blade inside a crack on the floor board. He placed it in my hand before I moved it. I didn't want to touch it, especially when it was full of blood. He rolled his eyes and threw it into the garbage can. It went in. If he decided not to spend most of his time emo-ing himself, he could probably be an amazing баскетбол player.

I checked the time. It was 4 o'clock. Time flies when Ты are making fun of your best friends.

"Look we broke our record!" I сказал(-а) and pointed at the clock.

"Only three еще hours before we fake sleep and get ready for school." сказал(-а) Edward and yawned. He logged off his computer and sat down on his bed. "Stop making a mess Emmett!" He brushed crumbs off his bed. "Have Ты ever thought that maybe, just maybe, Ты eat way too much?" Emmett shrugged. Emmett doesn't think and Edward should know that.

"Either way, stop freeloading off of me! We have to go to the grocery store and buy twice the Еда because of you!" Again Emmett shrugged.

"Okay I think I perfected my list!" сказал(-а) Alice and she read it out loud to us. Stores, clothes, tshirts, skinny jeans, not my idea of spending a Saturday.

"Let's play Skittle Kiss!" Alice went to grab two red and оранжевый skittles from Emmett's bowl of food.

"Alice in case Ты never noticed, we have five people." Jasper got up from his position on the floor and sat Далее to Edward. Alice was standing and Emmett and I were sitting on the floor in front of them.

"Whatever." Alice thought for a second. "Okay, one guy go to the closet. Then Ты pick your own colour without knowing who has which and Ты could Kiss the girl later." Alice said.

"Wait... We're all Друзья here! Who would want to Kiss your best friend, almost sibling?" I asked her.

"Oh don't be a loser." Alice smiled. "Let's just play!" I rolled my eyes. "Jasper go to the closet!"

He went and Alice took two of Emmett's empty bowls. She put one of each colour in. We closed our eyes and picked a colour. "Jasper picked a colour!" called Edward.

"Okay... Red." For blood. We opened our hands to reveal the colours we had. Alice had orange, Edward had orange. So that means I would have to Kiss Emmett and Jasper.

"What? I don't want to Kiss Edward!" сказал(-а) Alice.

"'Don't be a loser!" I mocked her. The guys laughed. "Go ahead."

Alice walked slowly towards Edward. We add our own little twist in the game. They put the skittles in the mouths and put their lips together. They were supposed to exchange the skittle back and forth. They didn't hold each other, just kissed.

When Alice came out she smiled at me. "Your turns." She pointed at me.

I put the red skittle in my mouth and so did Emmett. We kissed really quickly. I did the same with Jasper.

"Okay well that's done." сказал(-а) Jasper. "And why don't Ты think it's weird to be Поцелуи your friend, practically siblings?"

"Well it's weird. But at least we killed 15 minutes!" She pointed at the clock. It read 4:15.

"Okay if Ты can pass the time some more, I'm up for it." сказал(-а) Edward. He lightly slapped his face to stay awake.

"Oh really? Are Ты sure Ты want to come on the Alice Brandon experience?" We were used to this dramaticness. We nodded.

"Well put on your куртка and away we'll go!" She winked at us.


So I'm not sure who Bella ends up with. It's either Jasper или Emmett. I decided not to make Edward. Tell me ASAP before I write the fifth chapter!

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