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posted by amy_r_cullen
“Renesmee come hear Jacobs arrived”. I called after her,
She darted into the living room leaving everyone in her Renesmee sized дерево house.

“Hi Nessie, how are Ты today”. Jacob beamed to her, “Arrrrr… not Nessie Renesmee” Bella warned.
Renesmee was use to Bella reacting this way when Jacob called her Nessie so she just ignored her and concentrated on Jacob who had something raped up in his had.
“Ness… sorry Renesmee can Ты close you’re eyes please. Jacob asked

“Okay Jacob” Renesmee сказал(-а) wearily.
Jacob walked round Renesmee and placed a ожерелье around her neck.
“You can open you’re eyes now Nessie Jacob teased.
Renesmee popped her eyes open and Jacob turned her towards the mirror under the stairs and grinned a pleased grin.

The ожерелье had a silver chain and a silver sculpted волк dangling of the end and on the волк were the words
To precise to be exposed.

“I Любовь it thank Ты very much Jacob” Renesmee chuckled.

“Charlie’s coming” I interrupted Jacob before he could say anything.

“Act human” Renesmee giggled everyone out side heard her and began laughing, Jacob swooped down to lift Renesmee up into a hug but she ran off shouting you’ll have to catch me first…

Ten минуты later, Charlie’s car pulled up on to the drive to Charlie it was Renesmee’s thirteenth birthday; when ever she looked a год older we сказал(-а) it was her birthday. It’s still quite easy to keep Charlie in the dark about us vampires.

Charlie walked through the door and instantly started to look for Renesmee.

“She’s through here Charlie” I assured him
“Oh good I need to give her, her present”.

“I’m coming gram par Charlie”. Renesmee danced through into the living room
Charlie swung open his arms for a cuddle and Renesmee ran striate into him with hers open too.
“Hears my little girl” Charlie echoed my thought.
There’s your present Nessie.

Bella snarled in response to what Charlie called Renesmee.

“What’s wrong with her” Charlie demanded
“Oh sorry dad I have a soar throat it’s pretty painful Bella lied.

Charlie’s gift to Renesmee was an empty mp4 player, it was a good thing Charlie got Renesmee another before I did, she was running out of Космос on the one I got her for Christmas.

After Charlie gave Renesmee her present, Renesmee insisted on Показ him the дерево house me, Emmett and Jasper built for her...

it had just turned ten o’clock and Charlie walked throw the back door, looking like it had just hit him, he had Renesmee cradled in his arms.

“I think Ты guys should take Nessie home, she’s had a long day, look at her”.

“Come on then Bella”. I pulled my self up slowly trying to seem like a tired human

I gently pulled Renesmee into my arms; all I could see in her head was bright colours and fuzzy colourful dots...

Charlie had leafed when we set off Главная so he didn’t see us jump with out hesitation over the lake

Bella and I reached the cottage in seconds.

“Today went pretty well didn’t it? I’m really pleased with Renesmee.

“Me too, she’s our little angel”. I kissed Renesmee’s forehead as I spoke.

She’s the best accident ever” Bella beamed.

I place Renesmee into her постель, кровати and took the волк ожерелье of and drop it on the set of draws Далее to the bed.

“Night, night little miracle”. I whisper into her ear.
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