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posted by xroylex
i walked over to the voises slowly not wanting to but knowing i must
"jane" i nodded at her
"rensmee its good to see Ты again well after Ты broke my brothers сердце that is" she snarled ok i saw her brother alec for what 7 months and its been almost a год god she needed to get over it. i rolled my eyes.
"jane that was a год назад carnt you-" she wasnt looking a me she was glaring at the Холодное сердце figue of jacob who had stopped shaking i looked at him trying to get him to run away far. and dont look back but he just started to shake just a little. i turned back to jane who was now glaring at me.
"so yuo broke up with alec for him" she jurked her chin toward him
"jacob will Ты go get the car this wont take long" i didnt look back but i knew he was gone
"jane its been a год get over it" i tried again.
"you know i never knew what alec saw in you" i rolled my eyes again
"jane im leaving it was well i aint going to lie an say it was good seeing Ты again but still erm well i dont know bye" i turned away but she grabbed my arm
"your not going anywhere" she snarled and that made me snap
"get. of . my . arm. now!"
it was just us in the felid now and i had to get out " jane i am sorry i hurt your brothers feeling but it was for the best if Ты knew-" she cut me of
"if i knew what what he сказал(-а) and done" she laughed " i allready know about that"
"then Ты see why i left him?"
she pretended to think about it "no i dont acturally" she gave me a ferse smile.
"jane its not going to work and Ты know that" she was trying her gift on me to try and burn my mind
"i know but thats not the only way i can burn you"
"im out of here" i turned and started to walk away
with one last Комментарий from jane
"this isnt over"
she was right.....

thank Ты for Чтение hope Ты enjoyed it sorry about the spelling and please Комментарий :)
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