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Chapter 2

I awoke to the noise of my buzzing alarm; I threw my arm out the постель, кровати in an attempt to shut my alarm clock the hell up. As I finally grasped it, then it fell on the floor along with something else that made a clatter I jumped out the постель, кровати in an attempt to see what it was it was lying on the floor was the picture of Bella and I from a few Christmases назад I picked it up and laid it on my постель, кровати to notice there was a crackdown it. Crap! I muttered under my breath. I made a mental note to get it fixed as soon as possible. As I grabbed my clothes I wandered into my bathroom to get ready on the way I out I noticed from my window Bella wandering around her room in her outfit. God she is Beautiful I thought to myself. I had to erase that thought because deep down I knew she wouldn’t think of me that way not now, not ever. I was her best friend, almost like her brother. I wandered down the stairs to grab something to eat, thankfully my mother had already prepared me something seen as she knew what a hopeless cook I was! With that I considered grabbing my keys to my silver Volvo but decided against it and instead spent some time with the girl I loved еще than life itself. I managed to get to Bella before he reversed from the driveway by chapping on her window (E) Bella, Good morning babe, do Ты mind giving me a lift to school today?(E) (B) Ofcourse not what are best Друзья for? (B) And with those words my сердце shattered into a million pieces, Best Friend? Though I was glad to have her in my life I wanted еще than best friend I knew I had been kidding myself but I had hoped she felt the same way. Obviously not since she was still with that dog Jacob Black! God I hated him, he had everything I wanted and didn’t deserve it. I, myself always knew I was never good enough for her! But him? He hit her everyone knew so but she would always welcome him Главная with open arms. Bella’s light breathing brought me out of my little день dream I could see she was sad that I hadn’t replied to her best friend statement so I quickly blurted out something to make her happy (E) Your right your my best friend in the whole wide world and I hope Ты always will be! (E) Ofcourse I wanted еще but I wouldn’t, couldn’t waste our friendship! So she began to drive away in complete silence, for once I was glad as I truthfully today couldn’t медведь hearing her talk about Jacob. I turned to look out the window, thinking about what a long ride to school it would be.

Okay Guys I know its short but thanks for commenting on chapter 1! Hope Ты enjoy chapter 2 please feel free to share any ideas Ты would like to happen in the future (:
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part 10

“Come on lovebirds, there’s a thunder storm coming and I don’t want by baby out in it!” Alice сказал(-а) running out to her car without a backward glance. I grabbed Edward’s hand before pulling him after her.
~    ~    ~

part 11
The biggest roll of thunder yet sounded over us just as we entered the Cullen house. It was right over us by now making the sky outside black like the night.
“Bella!” Esme greeted me, sweeping me into a very motherly hug.
“Hi Esme.”
I followed Alice into the Lounge only to find Emmett and Jasper locked in a fight...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


That night at dinner, Charlie seemed enthusiastic about my trip to La Push in the morning. I think he felt guilty for leaving me Главная alone on the weekends, but he'd spent too many years building his habits to break them now.
Of course he knew the names of all the kids going, and their parents, and their great-grandparents, too, probably. He seemed to approve. I wondered if he would aprove of my plan to ride to Seattle with Edward Cullen. Now that I was going to tell him.
"Dad, do Ты know a place called Goat Rocks или something like that?...
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i heard her swollow loadly she faced away frim me she had only met my gaze onse what was on her mind?this was going to be hard there had never been a honneymoon like ours before and i didn`t know how this was going to go.
"i was wondering" i сказал(-а) slowly "if Ты would like to take a midnight swim with me?" i took a deep breathe "the water would be warm this is the kind of пляж, пляжный Ты approve of" the deep breath had done me good i felt a little better and my voise seamed to be carm anoth that beela wouldn`t know i was scared stiff.
"sounds nice" her voise broke.
"im sure Ты would like a humman...
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Just so Ты don't confused, after the stars it isn't Kayla's POV anymore. I didn't want to write it and give it away so I'm just saying now to avoid confusion. Happy reading!

I looked up slowly, processing what he just said. His green eyes met mine and held me there. The pounding in my skull, dull before, grew incessant. BANG. BANG. BANG. Like someone knocking on my head, demanding to be noticed.
“You can see her in my mind?”
I couldn’t look away from his eyes, something was holding me there. Was it him?
“She’s in there,” he said, quietly. “I can see her. She wants to come out...
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The Character

Name: Heidi

Type: Vampire

Special Ability: Lures People/Fisher

About Them: Heidi is a member of the Volturi in Italy. She is know as the fisherman and the bait. She lures humans to the Volturi for various reasons including to be the Далее meal. Beautiful beyond Описание and the perfected image of grace, Heidi tempts all she comes near. She appears heartless (no pun intended) as she enjoys and relishes her job and has no pity on any who suffer under her suffocating presence. We first meet Heidi when she in counters Edward Bella underneath Volterra: "She was dressed to emphasize that...
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Newcomer to the Twilight saga, Jamie Campbell-Bower, dished to MTV about why New Moon will have a PG-13 rating. It isn't all because of shirtless hunks Taylors Lautner and Robert Pattinson, but due to some good lookin' naked guys:

" 'We just all sit there, completely naked, for one scene," revealed "New Moon" actor Jamie Campbell Bower, talking about a racy moment that was added into the upcoming film. "Yeah, it's me, Michael Sheen and Christopher [Heyerdahl]; we just sit there, naked'...

In actuality, the scene has a fully clothed Carlisle visiting the Volturi in Italy, only to locate Aro, Caius and Marcus in a bathhouse. 'It's a full-body shot, and then Peter comes in, and it all gets a bit awkward,' Bower said. "[Carlisle] is clothed completely. They're bathing in sort of a Roman bath kind of thing.' "
What I think makes Edward & Bella soul mates is Bella's unwavering faith she puts in Edward's restraint to not kill her while she is still a human.

Edward as well as incredible Любовь for Bella which in turn makes him perfect for her and she perfect for him. In every sense of the old saying: They cannot live without each other. This is is made plain in New Moon when Edward leaves Bella in order to protect her form him.

Bella becomes a literal zombie.Devastated by Edward's decision to leave her. One of my Избранное Цитаты form New Moon is when Bella says to Edward: "I'd rather die than be with...
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