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posted by MaddieQuack
The men surround me and I am getting ready to scream with all I've got when I see the headlights approaching. I'm thankful that whoever it is may help me. The car spins around its a rather new Volvo. It's Edward Cullen's. The door swings open and he orders me to get inside. But he had turned the vehicle so fast that it was still moving. Moving towards my frail body. The open door hit my head and the crack of my scull breaking fills the air. Blood pours into my eyes and mouth. I fall over and slam onto the cement. The Volvo continues its movement, crushing my legs beyond repair and the smell of blood fills the air, making me wretch blood and stomach acid all over my dieing body. As the life leaks out of me Edward leans over me pain and regret in his eyes and bends down to Kiss me but before he does I say thank Ты (because he tried to save me and I am always grateful) in a pained voice. The pain of speech makes me wretch again and his teeth clench down on my neck. I writhe and scream and feel him take me in his arms i am carried who knows were and placed on a cold table. "You saved her" says a familiar voice oh i get it now he is Carlisle, Edwards father. He took care of me after Edward kept Tyler's фургон, ван for crushing me. How ironic he kept Tylers фургон, ван from crushing me but it was his car that almost killed me and causes a great deal of pain and damage.. Wait . . . saved me? What? Im hardly saved my whole body feels as if it is on огонь and an endless scream comes from my mouth. "Yes" Edward answer "the transformation will soon be done. Bella will soon be one of us."

Эй, Readers!!! Do Ты like it? Please comment!!! Should i write a секунда chapter!!! IDK!!! HELP!
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секунда Chapter, please Комментарий below and let me know what Ты think

Uh great, are Ты kidding me? My car would have to break down in front of this house of all them wouldn’t it? Gosh my life sucks. The creepy house down the road stared at me menacingly; I was closer to this house now than I had ever wanted to be in my entire life.
It was pouring down buckets and I could scarcely see because the now arising fog. I’d have to go to the house to get help, after all I could leave my car stalled in the middle of the улица, уличный like this, but the big guy scared me so much that I was willing to sit here...
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posted by princesskay4
Have Ты ever felt like your entire body was on fire, and there was nothing Ты can do about it? You're in excruciating pain and all Ты can do is lie there and let it happen. That's how it feels to be turned into a vampire.
I didn't ask for this. I honestly would have rather died, but I suppose that wasn't an option ever since Emmett and Rosalie found me. Rosalie must have taken pity in me, being raped, beaten, stabbed and left to die in the middle of nowhere. Right before my spirit almost left my body, I could feel bite marks all over my body. My neck, my legs, my stomach and wrists ached...
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