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>1. Who is your favourite male character and why?
Hmm, it's got to be Jasper! I started loving Jasper properly in the Twilight movie, when I saw how Jackson played the part, and then when I re-read the books, I was surprised that I hadn't noticed him as much before. I think he's a great character because he has a whole past that Ты don't know about until Eclipse, and it's brilliant to find out how he met Alice! To be honest, there's not really anything I don't Любовь about him!

>2. Who is your favourite female character and why?
Well, that's quite a difficult question, because there are alot of female characters I like, but I'll go for Esme because she loves all her 'children' equally even though some don't have the best background. I also think she's quite an underrated character when she doesn't deserve to be. In the book, it describes her bad human life, but she doesn't dwell on it now she's a vampire, she just seems determined to make other people's lives better. So, yeah, I've chosen Esme because overall, she's a lovely character, and I Любовь Elizabeth too!

>3. Ты have a dedicated Фан medal, how hard did Ты work to earn it?
I think I worked quite hard for it, but it's hard to say! I suppose I added a few photos, Иконки and wallpapers, but that seems like ages ago! I also joined a фото and Иконка competition, but I'm not sure if that helped,I Любовь being a part of them though! :)

>4. How long have Ты been a Фан of the twilight series, and how long have Ты been a member of the twilight spot on fanpop?
I've been a Фан of Twilight since a few years ago, when my sister got me into it, and now I'm probably a bigger Фан than her! Also, the Twilight Series spot was the first one I joined when I came onto Fanpop, and that was in January, so about 11 months ago, and I Любовь it!

>5. Which is your favourite twilight movie and why?
This was probably the hardest Вопрос to answer, because they're all my favourite! But, to answer your question, I'll choose Twilight because it's when it all started, and we still had 4 Фильмы left to go, now I'm so sad it's nearly coming to an end, still, at least there's 2 Breaking Dawns! I can't wait!

>6. Who is your favourite twilight couple? (not including Edward/Bella или Bella/Jacob) and why?
Hmmm, Jalice! It's hard to explain why in only a few sentences, but I'll give it a go! I just Любовь them because there's something so simple about them, that their Любовь doesn't even need words. I'd say they're the most unique couple because apart, they're both completely different but they are so perfect when Ты put them together. I also think they're one of the couples that Ты find out еще about, through Jasper's story, so Ты get an understanding of them. But, the main reason I Любовь them is because they're just so CUTE! ♥

>7. What is the best twilight related spot on fanpop?
I like going on all twilight related spots, but my fave, или one of my faves at least, is Jasper and Alice's! It's great because it is regularly updated and it's got a lot of good Форумы and fun things to do, including the 'Jalice Freaks' chat, where I Любовь talking to other Jalice fans! The spot look is also gorgeous!

>8. Which soundtrack is your favourite from the three film?
Eclipse! I Любовь the variety of songs on it, and I think Eclipse got it just right in choosing songs for each scene. Also, I have to say it's the one I've listened to the most out of them all!

>9. Would Ты like SM to write еще book after Breaking Dawn?
I'd Любовь her to, I don't want it to end :( anyway, yes, another book would be great, maybe еще focused on a different couple, also for her to finish Midnight Sun would be awesome!

>10. Final question- Team Edward, Jacob или Switzerland and Why?
Team Switzerland of course! Why choose? :D
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