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Chapter 24

jake sat by me and held my hand. Not like a friend, but maybe more. What am I thinking, I just broke up. This is insane. My life is like being written, everything is changed all the time, first Ты think something is going to last, and then it changes its weird, but I cant change it. или can i
“ness Ты act like It was just a joke” my mother told me.
“it was a joke I was just getting too attached to it that’s all, I should have known that something so nice couldn’t be real, but I guess time will pass and I will get used to it, right jake?” I asked him and smiled at him. he looked confused, and I laughed. I didn’t even know why I was laughing. That was really weird.
“yeah sureeeee” jake сказал(-а) confused. My mom или my aunt didn’t understand anything. My uncle, well he never understood anything anyway. He was like a rock, Ты can talk to him ask his questions, and he wont answer because he doesn’t know what you’re talking about.
“so what are Ты going to do next?” my aunt asked,
“don’t Ты know already?” I asked her.
“apparently, I cant see it, so the wolfs are going to be with you” she sad looking at jake.
“well I was planning to go and look for an apartment but….now since everything is good I’m not going to do that anymore.” I told her.
“ness really Ты thought ill let Ты get ur own apartment and ill never see you?” my uncle asked me. “ I would never let Ты get an apartment not my Избранное neice” he added I smiled at him.
“thank Ты guys, Ты know what to say to make me feel better” I told them.
“of course we do, wanna fight now?” I uncle сказал(-а) excitedly. I got a подушка and threw it at him.
“I guess that’s a noo” he said. I nodded. So now since my life was out of drama, I didn’t know what to do next, ivan wasn’t here, everything was ok with me and the pack. Except between me and my father. I didn’t want to fight with him, but it brought it, so I fought it.i got it that he didn’t like jake, but not letting my mother see me was not his choice to make. We kept on talking, forgetting about Ivan little by little, but jake was only looking at me which was a little weird, but ill get used to it. Then my dad came in the door. I looked up and saw his angry face. That was a good thing, because im going to make it angrier. I got up and saw my uaunt, mom and jake look at my father. He went into the woods and I followed him.’ he grabbed my arm and made me look at him.( oh yeah and her arm healed really faast)
“what dod Ты think you’re doing?” he asked me with an angry voice.
“what am I doing?” I asked him innocently. Because I really didn’t know what I was doing wrong.
“you cant be in a relationship pwith the wolf” he told me.
“well its not your choice” I told him and took my hand away from his.
“you have a father and I make the choices since youre not old enough to make them yourself”
“I have a mther too” I tld him. “ a mother that Ты don’t Любовь anymore, Ты ruined her life, now you’re trying to ruin my life, well its not going to work, and not letting my mother see me at home, doesn’t get Ты anywhere by the way,”
“don’t speak to me like that!” he yelled at him. I gave him the saddest eyes I could.
“why are Ты yelling at me, what happened with Ты these couple weeks, its like somethinginside Ты got changed, and Ты don’t even care about it, или is it because Ты don’t care about everyone around you?”
“this is the real me so get used to it”
“well there is a real me and Ты don’t want me to use it against you”
“you cant do anything against me”
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