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posted by marvel517639
Here's chapter 8 enjoy J
Seth’s Pov
Zooey and our family went to my birthday party. We opened my presents I got new clothes and stuff for my room. Zooey drew me a picture of me in my human form and волк form. It was so good and she gave me a Quileute/ Witch/ Gypsy ожерелье that Quileute witch’s gypsy women give to their mates to Показать much they Любовь them which made me feel even happier. I want to know what Zooey сказал(-а) to her ancestors to make me come back to life but I’m glad because I would never forgive myself if I left and hurt her. Alice yelled “Cake time!” And everyone was around...
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"When Ты care enough for someone, Ты take the good with the bad. Ты look past the faults and dangers, and get driven by your heart. But somtimes we don't realise, our hearts don't always think rationaly."

- Brianna MB.

Here i was in my grade 9 english class, stuck in the solitude that is school. I looked around the room, trying to find somthing that would spike my interest. Possibly two girls chatting noisely about the latest gossip или maybe, if im lucky, I'll hear two boys recapping another lame action movie. I chuckled to myself.

I tried to drown out the teachings of my english teacher, Mr.Capp....
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Hello! xoxpoisonxox here!

(This is my new account!)

Some of Ты may have noticed that I havn't Опубликовано in a LONG time! That is because im rewriting the whole "As the sun sets" series, starting with the first book.

All the same characters will be in it - But Im trying to add еще depth to them, somthing Ты can relate to. I want to really add somthing to everyone ( Her school friends, Alex, relationships,... etc) !

Chapters will also be ALOT longer then usual, as Im hoping to get each book to be about 400 pages. this means each chapter will be between 15- 20 pages long! (:

I will post a new chapter...
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Эй, :)
That's me...Chloe Stones...
Yes the one and only pop and sational singer!
Well i'm giving all that up.
Because i never wanted it...i wanted to be me and what i'm best at.
And it is not singing!
It's surfing!
And hanging with my bro's.
I'm moving to La push, Washington so i can start a new life.
Be free....yes my mom is very sad...i chose moving to a small damp place then my mother.
So i will be staying with my Uncle sam.
He's my mother's brother and her maiden last name is Uley but she got it changed once she got married to my dad. And that's how i have the last name stone.
Your probably wondering where's my dad in all this...well he got in a car accident and died.
I cried but i had to deal with it.
I cry every night but never in front of people.
I never cry in front of people.
Well i guess that's it....bye :)
posted by marvel517639
Here’s chapter 7 enjoyJ
Hala’s Pov
Embry and Natalia came over. I couldn’t get over how beautiful was. Seth and I told him we have sex and he freaked. But I told him that it was a joke. It was so funny. We were watching Edward and Alice playing Mortal Kombat. Mind Reader against Alice who can see the future. It was so much fun watching them. Hope came Главная bring an angel? The Энджел was like twelve a beautiful blonde angel. She walked in and looked at me “Are Ты Hala Call?” I nodded “Yes why are Ты asking?” Everyone was confused. She pointed at me “You will be the one to protect...
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posted by marvel517639
Here's chapter 6 :)
Seth's Pov
I watched as Hala in волк form angrily ripped that vampire from limbs. I knew she was wounded messed up vision in her right eye. Broken ribs and I didn’t do anything. I was shocked. After Hala killed the vampire she wined realized what she did. She thought as herself as a killer a murder not the person she was. I walked Далее to her licking her cut on her right eye as she flinched at the pain Показ her the memories on день at the пляж, пляжный and earlier today. She was smiling licking my cheek. She looked back me “Look I can see again!” She was happy and jumping...
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Breaking Dawn may have been a smash hit with Twihards all over the world, but the Golden малина foundation was impressed for a different reason.

They've nominated the flick for 8 of their Razzie awards, which are like the Oscars but for the "worsts" of the year, so they're a little еще fun.

Breaking Dawn was nominated for:
•Worst Picture
•Worst Screenplay
•Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off, или Sequel
•Worst Director
•Worst Screen Ensemble
•Worst Actor: Taylor Lautner
•Worst Actress: Kristen Stewart
•Worst Screen Couple

Do Ты think Breaking Dawn deserves the nominations?
posted by wahidullah
i Любовь twilight saga infinitely its beautiful i Любовь all the Фильмы equally and i specially Любовь the cullen family they are beautiful couples edward carlisle , esme , alice , emmett , rosalie ,jasper are excellent actors fit perfectly to the characters i hope they remain as family and no one of them dies i think lots of funs are agree with me and also the saga should continue for a very long time and short gaps between the Фильмы . and the new born baby should have been a boy with infinite powers but now that its girl its ok and also bella should Любовь еще edward instead of jacob . jacob is also good corrector , robert and tayler are good actors , rosalie is so hot and beautiful i Любовь her еще in new dawn . and once again the cullens should never die in saga . thanks to the writer and directors .
[A New Story From the Автор of HELLO, MY NAME IS: DEATH Series - BuffyFaithfan1]
Chapter Four: She's Not There
Today was the last день of Jessika’s stay at her actual home. She had everything packed and was ready to go. Well, as ready as she could be without putting up an argument with her father. She didn’t want to go, but she had no choice. N.F.I.H. hadn’t contacted Jessika since four days ago, and now that it was Friday, she was glad to say that she hadn’t heard a word from the creep.
“You ready to go?” Jessika’s dad asked,...
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posted by JustLikeBella25
This a poem about Bella and what I think she feels and how I consider her "un-bite-able". Enjoy! Комментарий please. I wanna know what Ты think.

All I knew was sun
Never rain
I always kept my secrets
Always insane

But then I met you
And I had walked down a road that I could never go back on
Never turn around
Never be undone

Ты kept me from your world
Over-protective they called you
But I always found my way in
And, in a way, I always knew

So the Далее time I come across your kind
I'll think of you, My Adorable
I'm protected by you, so I'll say
"Suckers, I'm un-bite-able"
posted by VoicesInMyHead
I don't own twilight или Rhinestone cowboy.

Alice pov.

"Emmett!" I screamed "wanna be a cowboy for the Хэллоуин party this year?"

"No!" he replied.

"Why not?"

"Because last год Ты dressed me up like Ennis Del Mar! People called me Brokeback Moron for a WEEK!"

" I've been meaning to ask you, what did Ты do with that costume, anyway."

He looked embarrassed. "I....kinda.... Well.... Ummm... You
know..... Still have it....Rose kinda.....well..."

"Why would Ты still....... Gasp....no....freakin......way!"

"Can we PLEASE not talk about it? And no, Ты may not
dress me up as a cowboy, I will pick out my...
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posted by marvel517639
Here's Chapter 3 i hope Ты like.
Embry's Pov
The smell of delious Еда was brought into my nostrals and I jumped out of постель, кровати and yell "FOOD!" I woke the others and they ran out of their rooms too. I looked for my Nataila the only one with my dark рубашка and blue around the shoulders on. She looked beauitful her pale white fair skin with her cute dimples and long beauitful brown hair. My рубашка was a dress for her. Her. Nessie, Sharon, and Eri are so small. I chuckled at myself. She smiled bightly and pointed her finger to get my werewolf butt to over there. I walked over at the counter where...
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posted by Rachie25
Hello. My name Aurora. или at least, that is my name now. After the change. I am a vampire. Bloodsucking, seductive, horrifying- a monster in a human's body. I live with one other of my kind. her name is (for the time being) Maria. We call ourselves Runners. We are both 16. We go to highschool in every place, staying for a few year, then moving to the Далее state или country. Right now we are in Forks, Washington...searching for a group of Вампиры who call themselves the Cullens. We hope to find a Главная with them and Присоединиться their cult/family.

"Aurora, check it out..." Maria whispered to me as we...
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posted by marvel517639
K so i was thinking that it's 13 years later and all the Волки have imprinted except for seth. Jake and Nessie. Quil and Clarie. Sam and Emily and have one boy Alex Uley. Paul and Rachel. My friend Karen is a Shapeshifter Werewolf Eri Raeka and Brady. My friend sharon a hybrid and Collin. Jared and Kim. Leah and nahuel. My friend Natalia a hybrid and embry. Edward and Bella. Emmett and Rosalie. Alice and Jasper. Esme and Carlisle.Lydia is a vampire Hope Collins and micheal a human. They live in fork washington still. Nessie, natalia, Sharon, Eri, Clarie. Lydia and micheal are in their last...
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posted by VoicesInMyHead
DISCLAIMER:Blah blah blah I don't own Twilight, the Village People, или Brokeback Mountain.

Alice POV
I couldn't believe Emmett fell for this. Emmett insisted on being a cowboy for Halloween, and I insisted on picking out his costume. I decided to trick him. I let him choose between two outfits, one was a replica of the outfit from the cowboy in The Village People, the other was a character from my Избранное movie. Naturally, he had chosen the секунда one. I wanted to trick Jasper into wearing it, but seeing as I had already forced him to watch it, he refused.

Oh well, this will be funnier.
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posted by SenTay
Disclaimer I don't own anything related to Jackson Rathbone. Except my obsession.

Edward's POV

"Daddy!" screamed Renesme. Another nightmare. "What's wrong princess?" "I had a nightmare! A man! He was standing in the kitchen, and his нож was ITCHY!" Confused, I started to remember something. In the кухня with a нож that's itchin...... I ran back to the house. "Emmett!" I screamed, " For the eighth time! "Keep Awake" is NOT a lullaby!"

I will kill Ты in your sleep
So Ты better try, try and keep awake
I will kill Ты in your sleep
So Ты better try, try and keep awake
I will kill Ты in your...
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posted by vampnarutogirl1
"you have no idea what Ты have done!" Mrs Chridils voice was bleak "Her wings are not fake, just as her note is not fake" she turns to me with a warm and caring smile on her face "Come with me Maria we'll go fix your wing" I slowly get up and glare at the english teacher one еще time before i slowly start to walk out the room. "she's such a freak. I bet she can't fly" says the boy in the back row thinking i can't hear him. I stoped dead in my tracks Холодное сердце with anger and rage. "I think she heard you" says the little girl to the left of the boy. I disappear then reappear Далее to the boy and...
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posted by twilight_lover9
I was so confused, a million Вопросы were racing through my mind.
“Lirah. Come out, I know you’re there” Jake сказал(-а) abruptly.
I was shocked, I had not made a sound and was so quiet, but to save Jake from being mad at me I stepped out into view, to reveal Jake to my surprise smiling, and Paul a bright розовый looking down.
“Come on you, late on your first day, don’t want to make a name for yourself unlike me” Jake winked, putting his big muscly tanned arm around my shoulder leading me towards the school.
“You have a lot of explaining to do Jake” I whispered seriously.
Jake just nodded...
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posted by hailieywithin
In Breaking dawn Bella I nervous about the wedding with her and Edward. Jacob refused to go to the wedding known Bella will soon be turned and he still is madly In Любовь with her. Bella has several nightmares about the wedding but the wedding goes just fine until the end when Jacob triggers her to say she will have a ordinary honeymoon were he believes Bella will have sex with Edward which she does. One день as Edward I'd hunting bella vomits by eating chicken quoting -damn rancid chicken- and tells him she's late. When Edward is in shock realizing she's preagnat calling Carlisle he tells her...
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posted by vampnarutogirl1
"Hey" someone shouts. I turn around
"er..... Yeah" i replie.
"what lesson do Ты have next?" asks Sam "i have science in room 208"
"erm.... Let me check" i replie to sam looking at my planner. Hmm i have science in the same room i thought.
"Guess what"
"what?" sam asks confused.
"I'm in the same room as you" i say.

This is just a normal день for me. Mondays to fridays school days. Yes i'm just a normal kid. In highschool, just trying to get my GCSE's. I have made some good Друзья who just like me want to work hard to get their GCSE's and get a job. I just didn't realize just how much they were like...
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