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posted by just_bella
This is the last one I will put up tonight, I think I write too much..well maybe ;) Ok here it goes :)

End of Chapter 22

When she was in he room, Jacob Black turned to face me. The look on his face was far from friendly, he stalked towards me..his whole body beginning to tremble.

"Get it off your chest boy." I сказал(-а) as I stood my ground.

"BOY!! Don't call me boy!" He сказал(-а) as he got right Далее to me and bent town so his face was closer to mine.

"Back off, I don't have time for this! Say what Ты have to say so I can get going to save my brother." I сказал(-а) between my teeth, the beginnings of a growl...
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 I drew this on the computer:D
I drew this on the computer:D
I know and Ты know that Вампиры and Волколаки are not real. But there are a select few who truly believe that Vamps and Волколаки are real and even some who believe they ARE Вампиры and Werewolves. Many people on the internet say that they are Вампиры and less that say they are Werewolves, but the thing is that the way these people actually start believing that they are Вампиры is they say it so many times they convince themselves that they really are. Many of them start looking for signs of Сверхъестественное behavior like running faster and being stronger and even being able to have a power.......
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posted by Brown_x_Eyes
Carlisle Cullen (also known as Stregone Benefice[1]) is Esme's husband and Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper's adoptive father. His first appearance was in Twilight and his physical age is 23. Carlisle is described to look like a model; he has blond hair, stands at 6 ft 2 in (1.9 m), and is slender but muscular. Carlisle theorizes that when a human is turned into a vampire, they will have an enhanced ability from their Назад life. He believes he brought compassion from his human life. Carlisle has had centuries to perfect his medicinal talents, therefore making him an excellent...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
Blood Lust
by: BuffyFaithfan1
I've never дана much thought to how I would die. But dying in the place of someone Ты loved, seems like a good way to go. Of course I'd miss him. And my dad: Charlie....
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this is the Далее part of the story. it's much longer than i thought it would be but i think it makes it better.
(P.S this is not my story all credit goes to steph meyer)

Caius, who was getting very frustrated, smiled hugely when Aro tacked on his little condition.
I knew this was coming, but I couldn’t mean it. I stared down at Bella, her soft, beautiful face staring up at me. “Mean it,” she whispered, agony written all over her heart-shaped face. “Please.”
I felt my expression twist at the tone of her voice. She still wanted it so badly, but I couldn’t give it to her. This good, pure,...
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here is the Далее one!!

just before i start, if Ты read this and find a spelling mistake или anything else that's wrong, could Ты let me know? i know i sound like a perfectionist but it irritates me. thanks, hope Ты enjoy this bit!
p.s this story isnt mine all credit goes to steph meyer

Demetri and Felix relaxed instantly, and I dropped my arms in defeat.
“Jane.” I sighed in recognition and resignation.
Alice’s thoughts came from beside me. Just stick to the script, no deviations.
Alice crossed her arms and remained impassive. She had seen what would happen if a fight broke out now.
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okay, i сказал(-а) that this bit is long but i've decided to трещина, сплит it up. I'll put this one on and some еще tomorrow.
this bit doesnt have a break so im just going to randomly stop. hope Ты enjoy it.
p.s this story isnt mine all credit goes to steph meyer

The crowds built very quickly but no one ventured down the alleyway I had chosen. It was right Далее to the clock tower and very dark.
The sun rose slowly and I just sat completely still watching it creep down the clock tower.
I spent my remaining time with Bella. The reason of my existence, cruelly taken before her time.
I chose the least painful...
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posted by mikaela_isabela
I was uncomfortable.
My neck was lying on the диван, мягкий уголок at an awkward angle. I could feel Nate’s feet on my lap, and I could hear him snoring quietly. I opened my eyes and saw that my head was facing towards the ground. I must have moved in my sleep. I yawned hugely and rubbed my eyes. They felt weird. Like they were prickling.
I moved Nate’s feet and backward rolled off the couch. I got to my feet unsteadily, trying to regain my balance. I looked out the window. Charlie’s крейсер was gone. It must be later in the morning.
I went into the kitchen, to find some breakfast when the phone rang....
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The fight was on, Spike and Oz against the four Werewolves, Jacob, Seth, Quil, and Embry when suddenly just as Jacob was about to get shredded by Spike, Buffy came out of nowhere and tackled Spike.
"What are Ты bloody doing?" Spike yelled, astonished.
"Oz, stop." Buffy commanded. Oz backed down, and moved to where Buffy and Spike were. While at the same time Jacob and his brothers gathered together.
"We have already Остаться в живых enough of them, by just out-right fighting, Spike." Buffy answered Spike's question.
"Who are you?" Jacob spoke in such an authoritive tone.
"My name is Buffy, and this is...
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It was almost 10 years назад that Stephenie Meyer had a dream about a boy and a girl who fall in love.But this wasn't your normal,boy and girl meet and fall in Любовь story,because the boy in the story was a vampire.She had a dream about them in a meadow and they were talking,and that was how the world of Twilight was created.At the encouragement of one of her sisters,she started Письмо the story of the boy and girl in the meadow,who became known as Edward Cullen and Isabella лебедь and took it to some publishing companies.Little Brown Книги took an interest in the Книги and a phenomenon was created...
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Title: Sink или Swim
Author: fallensky_xx (KatiiCullen94)
Fandom: Twilight (Jacob/Bella)
Rating: PG-14 (Sucide themes)
Characters: Bella Swan, Alice Cullen, Charlie Swan, Jacob Black.
Genre: Depression, death, sucide

I looked at my tranformed face, as Alice stood behind me fiddling with my bridal hair, her face light up with her smile that shes worn since her first news of Edward and I's Engagement. My eyes were highlighted with the worlds most expensive mascara and eyeliner ,which was playing in огонь with my twitchy body, If it wasn't for Alice absolute vampiric balanced posture and naturE then I...
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Goodbye Lullaby
By: moolah
[Edward and Bella are in love, one месяц after proposing to her he is deported to Iraq. After leaving, Bella finds out she’s pregnant, a месяц later.]
Chapter One: Smile
You сказал(-а) Эй,
What's your name
It took one look
And now I'm not the same
Yeah Ты сказал(-а) Эй,
And since that день
You украл, палантин my сердце
And you're the one to blame

And that's why I smile
It's been a while
Since every день and everything has
Felt this right
And now you're turning all around
And suddenly you're all I need
The reason why I smile

♥Smile-Avril Lavigne♥

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 madapanda's favourite character: Edward
madapanda's favourite character: Edward
1. Who is your favourite male character and why?

Edward's my Избранное male character. I've always been interested in characters that have lived for a certain amount of time, and they carry something with them all those years. They aren't able to let it go so to speak. For Edward, it's guilt. Everything that he's done, he thinks he's a monster and that he's damned to live an eternity of emptiness. But Bella comes into the picture and appeases that guilt. She fills that emptiness. And Ты see Edward change. She works in Edward and he eventually realizes that he is capable and worthy of love....
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Pushing Daisies alum Lee Pace may be the Далее actor to Присоединиться the cast of Breaking Dawn!

The 31-year-old actor is “the вверх person to play Garrett” in the film, a Источник tells E! News.

Garrett is one of Edward Cullen’s Друзья - he’s a down-to-earth, rugged and nomadic vampire who has long sandy hair that he ties back in a ponytail.

So, Twilight fans, what do Ты think?
Do Ты think he's the one?

Who else do Ты expect?
Share them all below.

posted by megantee
ksoooo .. the first one of this is - link
thanks.. hope Ты enjoy it was really hard to write this..thanks <3 Любовь meg

Aro looked me up and down. A wicked smile taking over his dark expression. “ hello young friend how can i help you?” he muttered pleasantly. Rising up from the Золото guild chair at the end of the room. Caius and Marcus sat silently- scrutinising me. Their minds concentrating mainly on my eye colour. I сказал(-а) nothing to Aro as he approached me. “ Ты are part of Carlisle’s coven? Correct?” he asked- him also observing my eyes closely. A responded with one stern nod....
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 Alena .
Alena .
Chapter Two <3

    “Oh, crap. This isn’t good.”
    Leah Clearwater сказал(-а) to her little brother, Seth. He flinched nervously.
    “What am I going to do?” He said, fearfully. His eyes grew large, and worry filled, but he couldn’t keep them off of Alena. “Damn, she’s beautiful,” he thought out-loud.
    “Hey, watch it, they’re coming back,” Leah whispered, staring straight ahead at the other cars.
    “Seth? Leah? Oh my God, I’ve missed Ты guys!” Alena screamed, stepping...
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Emmett Chapter 1
Looking out your window at the cold rain that is coming down, Ты sigh "I HATE rain." Ты turn to go downstairs and then Ты leave for school. Getting into your new 2010 Chevy Camaro, Ты back out of your drive way and make your way to Forks High School. Ты pull into the parking lot and everyone looks at your totally sweet car as Ты park it. Ты get out and lock it as some kid says. "sweet ride" "Thanks" Ты say back and turn to leave. After Ты get your schedule at the office, Ты realize your first class was right across the hallway. "awesome" Ты say sarcastically to yourself....
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 Kristen Stewart as Bella лебедь
Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan
A Youtube script:
Предварительный просмотр of: Duh!
(This will not be featured on Youtube. It is basically something I could put on Youtube.)
(Tell me because if I figure out how to make Видео I will feature it…if Ты like it.)
Bella: Since Ты left I found someone.
Edward: Who?
Bella: …
Edward: Well...?
(Black screen)
When things change-we change with them.
Rosalie: I don’t want you…
Emmett: How? How could Ты not want me?
Rosalie: I changed…
Emmett: Oh yeah…well…*balls fist up*
Rosalie: NO!
And we never understand it…until it flashes in front.
Alice: I can’t do this, Jasper…
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posted by rubytuesday101
Two weeks назад it was my 18th birthday Edwards family threw a surprise party for me,but it went horrible wrong.I cut my fingure and Jasper tried to kill me,edward flung me back but i cut myself on glass.Carlisle fixed me but i knew edward was very upset.He hated himself he сказал(-а) it was his fault but its not,he сказал(-а) a normal boyfriend could stay with me if i was bleading.I didint say anything to him i just let him get his anger out he needed to.That night Charlie got called out and had to go then edward changed he started Поцелуи me and didnt stop.We made Любовь that night the best night of my life.I...
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Эй, everyone!
I would like to dedicate this Статья to groovychicklisa! She gave me the wonderful idea, so thank you!
Everything is Цитаты were сказал(-а) in the book.

I hope youe enjoy!

As I drove closer to the school, I could start hearing eveyone's thoughts. As of now it was at a soft roar of confused and ainxous voices, but as we edged closer they became louder. Jessica Stanly's thought cought my attetion almost imedietly. Woah. He's huge. I could see Jacob Black standing against his motorcycle. Waiting.
My grip on the steering wheel tightened and...
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