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 Would Ты marry me, Bella?
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 The волк clan was kinda awesome, except for the crappy Анимация and the fact that they're allergic to shirts.
The wolf clan was kinda awesome, except for the crappy animation and the fact that they're allergic to shirts.
Okay, I'll admit that I haven't laughed this hard at a film since I saw The Hangover last summer. Seriously, what was the plot here? I actually found the first film to be much better than this travesty. Ты can find my review of the first movie link. I'll go through it like I do with all movies. Pros and cons, then an overall.


The Volturi

Finally! Some ACTUAL vampires!! The Volturi I found were pretty awesome because, Ты know, they actually were cruel, soulless, mean, and did some actual VAMPIRING. The part towards the end where a tour group of humans is led directly to them and Ты hear...
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Black moon
Edward left me. edward left me. I couldn’t cope with it how could he leave me? he loved me didn’t he? I was subbing so hard that I couldn’t breath I was picturing his hard emotionless face when he told me he never loved me или wanted me every time I thought about him I subbed harder, my hole body was shaking, it was raining and my hole body was wet I was freezing but I didn’t care I rather die than live without him.im crazy the guy left me and I don’t want to live without him!
My body was freezing and my head was about to explode when I heard someone calling my name
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