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 Amanecer (Isla Esme)
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This Сумерки (серия романов) фото might contain unicyclist, единорог, унициклист, езда на велосипеде, and велосипед.

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An innocent child in New Orleans
A simple girl from simple means
Walked the rails
Rode her thumb
She hitched a ride with everyone

The regular, she’d rearrange
The girl knew how to chop and change
Chop and change (Ooo)
Chop and change (Yeah)
Chop and change (Oh, oh, oh)
Chop and change (Yeah) alright

Took a job working late
Jacking cars from out of state
She found no Любовь in this town
So she’d never mess around

Had no luck, but ain’t it strange
The girl knew how to chop and change
Chop and change (Oh, oh)
Chop and change (Come on, come on, come on, come on yeah)
Chop and change (Chop and change)
Chop and change (Oh)
posted by Angelcatz11
5 years later

Bella's POV

I held her hand, Nessie and I had gone out to the medow to pick flowers, It was a warm spring день and I thought it would be nice to let nessie go out of the boundries we had set (me and Edward) But i did not want her going alone so I went with her. On the way we ran into a a old friend Jacob. "Bella! Is that you?" He called laughing. "My gosh Jacob!" I squeled happily, I ran up to him and gave him a big hug. "Momma? who's that?" Nessie curiously asked. "Huh? Oh Nessie this is jacob! Say hello to him" I replied motioning for her to come forward. Nessie curiously stepped вперед and shook hands with jacob. "Hey lil Vamp, your pretty cute" Jacob сказал(-а) to her. "th-thanks jacob!" Nessie sayed blushing. All in all i think Jacob and Nessie will become great friends.
posted by a-jforever
This is my new fanfiction. Its a little different to the others i had назад at writing. But I hope thats a good thing.

Hell had just broken loose. “You can’t see Jacob for a while, Ты understand Renesmee?” What on earth was dad talking about why couldn’t I see Jacob.

“WHY?” I screeched


This just wasn’t fair. Jacob had nothing to do with school. My school grades were my responsibilities and if I wasn’t doing as well as I could, then that was up to me to sort out, not Dad. And banning me from seeing Jacob...
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posted by WritenOnTheSand
(I just wanted to clarify that Laylia is 16.)

In my current state of mind, if someone offered to kill me, I wouldn't care too much. Sometimes death can be such an easy way to get out of something. Then again living is not that bad either, unless there is a big issue. And trust me, I have a big issue. Maybe that's my solution, my only chance of ever getting out of here. But I'm being crazy. Of course I don't want to die. Unless it was painless and got me out so fast I never even noticed.

"Laylia?" My grandpa's call interrupts my thoughts. It's probably for the better anyways.

"Yeah." I reply...
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posted by Tatti
1916, August 20

It's been eight long days. During the last years I learned how to hate other people and this hatred helped me hundred of times. It's easier when Ты have someone to blame, I noticed it when Arthur died. But though there where times when I didn't feel like a normal human and thought that it's only my fault, I've never hated myself as much as I did now.
Cynthia tried to pretend strong, but the pain in her face always betrayed her. I, on the other hand, had much less punishments than before. It's was a perfect Hell-hound's plan because seeing my little sister being hurt only for...
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So I was listening to the song "Time is Running Out" by Muse and really paying attention to the lyrics. I noticed some striking resemblances to this song and New Moon. Listen to this song if you've seen the movie New Moon and/or have read the book. The song came out before the book, so I know Muse didn't steal it from Stephenie Meyer. And one of Stephenie Meyer's favourite bands in Muse. Just look at the lyrics for yourself and read my breakdown:

I think I'm drowning - Could be when Bella literally drowns или when she was without Edward
Asphyxiated - She felt like she was dying without Edward
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Add this to your Список of things to look вперед to in March! There will be a секунда volume, Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack CD/DVD companion being released on March 16th, four days before the release of New Moon on DVD.

Tommy2.net reports that the секунда volume will be composed of 9 bonus tracks that were found on the iTunes and international editions:

1. Lupe Fiasco – Solar Midnite
2. The Magic Numbers – All I Believe In
3. APM Orchestra – Die Fledermaus – Duettino: Ach, ich darf nicht hin zu dir
4. Eskimo Joe – Thunderclap
5. BB Brunes – Cavalier Noir
6. No Way Out – Sed
7. Ximena...
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posted by House_Of_Night_
Awww thanks everyone! my 1st chapter was a sucess! "Phew" *brushes hand over forehead* lols. hope Ты enjoy. Далее chapter should be out in four days time. i try to Опубликовать every four days! Add me, if ya want. Now enjoy! =]**************************************************

…New Beginning…
The sun was beaming down on my face. I groaned, my body felt stiff and sore. I opened my eyes slowly. I could hear Bella, Edward and Jacob talking, well еще shouting.
“Jacob black, if Ты have upset my daughter-” Dad сказал(-а) in an angry voice.
Jacob interrupted....
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In an interview with IESB.net, Welsh actor Michael Sheen talks about picking roles for a movie, preparing for his character and filming New Moon. Here is an excerpt:

Q: Where do Ты start, when you’re doing a literary adaptation, like with New Moon или Alice in Wonderland?

Michael: Well, I start at exactly the same place, which is always the story. My first contact with anything I’m going to do is the script, whether it’s a script I’ve been offered, или I’ve been sent it, или whatever. I sit down and I read it. That first Чтение of the script is very special to me because I know it’s...
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Attention “Twilight” fans. The official "Twilight" Фан convention is coming to a venue near you.

The three-day weekend Фан conventions will tour around the country and internationally over the Далее three years, with 20 stops already announced and one scheduled in the Southland at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel on March 12-14, 2010.

"Twilight" Фаны will have the chance to meet and get up-close and personal with "Twilight" cast members, including Kellan Lutz (Emmet Cullen) and Ashley Green (Alice Cullen), with additional guests to be announced. No word on whether Robert Pattinson (who...
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