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This Сумерки (серия романов) фото might contain знак, плакат, текст, классной доски, and доске.

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Twilight co-stars and BFFs Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart stick close together at the their секунда stop on the Twilight Hot Topic Tour in Garden State Plaza on Friday in Paramus, New Jersey.

Nikki, 20, recently told InStyle magazine about how she likes to be comfortable: “I feel comfortable in this [her clothes] because it’s loose-fitting, and I get to sit down in a chair! They put me in 12-inch stilettos [in the movie] because I am supposed to be taller than my sister… It was the running joke that we might not be able to shoot because I might not be able to walk. I was like, ‘Can Ты just have us sitting and put me on a pillow?’”

The Twilight soundtrack is currently in the #1 spot on Billboard.com and iTunes! The film opens in theaters Далее week.