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This Сумерки (серия романов) фото contains пианист, концертмейстер, accompanyist, аккомпаниатор, пианино, фортепиано, форте фортепиано, фортепиано фортепиано, рояль, forte фортепиано, рояль, большой, and гранд. There might also be в вертикальном положении, пианино, вертикальное, вертикальное пианино, вертикальном положении, концертный рояль, концертное пианино, большой концерт, and концерт фортепиано.

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posted by AmberC2010
Chapter One
    New house, new school. Different people, but same personalities as all the “cool people” at my old school. Don’t get me wrong, I liked my old school, and I liked the cool people because they were my” cool people” . These idiots won’t be my friends, you’ll see. You’ll all see.
    But then again, I also haven’t дана this place we’re moving to a chance. It’s because I know I won’t fit in. By the way, I’m Laurie. I’m sixteen and I’ve just moved from my Главная state of New York. еще specifically, Manhattan, New...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


I made my way to English in a daze. I didn't even realize when I first walked in that class had already started.
"Thank Ты for joining us, Miss Swan," Mr. Mason сказал(-а) in a disparaging tone.
I flushed and hurried to my seat.
It wasn't till class ended that I realized Mike wasn't sitting in his usual сиденье, место, сиденья Далее to me. I felt a twinge of guilt. But he and Eric both met me at the door as usual, so I figured I wasn't totally unforgiven. Mike seemed to become еще himself as we walked, gaining enthusiasm as he talked about the weather Сообщить for...
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posted by anna0789
alice was helping me prepare to my "double date" with edward ,james and mystery girl
i don't know but every time anyone mention that girl my stomach twisted i didn't get it i wasn't jelouse becuase i had seen edward make out with tons of girls but...
but he hadn't been with nobody since we became friends... but i wasn't jelouse no NO

"look bella" alice сказал(-а) proud of herself since we sere only going to the Фильмы alice agree that i chose my outfit under her supervision while she did my make up and hair

"wow alice Ты really do magic# i whisper
she laugh giddly
"thanks well good luck with your...
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posted by VanessaBrooke
Chapter 1: A Rude Awakening

Renesmee’s POV

Beep, beep beep, the alarm went off wildly. Renesmee Cullen moaned and covered a подушка over her head. "Ness, honey, wake up" a deep husky voice сказал(-а) with a hint of laughter in his voice. "Noooo.... too early, 5 еще minuets....." I сказал(-а) sleep thick in my voice. I felt two very warm hands around my waist. "Nessie.....wakie wakie..." he poked me, and I squealed. “JAKE!" I exclaimed throwing the подушка off my head and attacking him in one second. I was on вверх of him, staring into his eyes angrily. "Jacob, don’t u ever wake me up early again, on a…’...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1

Chapter Six: Let The Flames Begin...Oh Glory
~PART TWO: I'm Sitting All Alone Feeling Empty~
I watched as Jake was pulled to his feet, mouth duck-taped shut, hands tied behind his back. As I watched, a рамен, ramen, рамэн grabbed me by the hair and looked directly into my eyes.
"Lovebirds?" He chuckeled then. "Too bad Ты didn't make it!"
I felt my hand be tugged behind my back, tied together with rope. And then I felt a рамен, ramen, рамэн removing the gear and weapons, adding a a cavity Поиск to the Список also!
"Hands, hands! Watch the hands!"...
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posted by Gabstaaa
Thankyou so so much to everyone who had been leaving Комментарии and rating my storys. Also a special thankyou to xXjakeloverXx for your support and help!

‘Vampire? Ты are vampires?’
‘Including you.’ Murmured Carlisle with a hint of regret
Vampire? Wait, I’m a vampire. Vampire vampire vampire.
‘I’m so sorry Harley.’ He’s been saying this the whole time.
‘I just… Need to get used to it all. May Ты pass me some еще animal blood please, Rosalie?’ I asked in my most polite voice. Ever since I’ve woken up they’ve been forcing animal blood down me. It’s not...
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