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Кристен Стюарт
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Кристен Стюарт
posted by LexisFaith
Okay, since I am from Tennessee, it's only fair that I write about a country Edward and Bella. I have to. So since this is my fourth FanFic so here is how Ты are going to get them. Sunday: Life, Love, and the Mafia. Tuesday: Sunrise. Thursday: The Farmer's Daughter. Saturday: Unpredictable and Undeniable. If they miss a day, Ты look the день after and it should be there.
Well I heard һе needed ѕοmе һеƖр οח tһе farm
Somebody wіtһ a truck аחԁ two strong arms
Nοt scared οf dirt аחԁ willin’ tο work
till tһе sun goes down...
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posted by LexisFaith
Dude...you found her? Emmett's eyes were wide.

Cowboy boots?Japer was surprised.

"Hi." Bella smiled.

"Hello, Bella." Emmett grined. "It's nice to meet you."

"Pleasure." Jasper nodded.

"A pleasure to meet Ты two, as well."

"Emmett and Jasper are not only my bestfrends, but my band mates as well. And Emmett is acutally my brother. Emmett plays the drums and Jasper plays base." I looked down at her.

"My Друзья would be freaking out if they knew I was meeting Ты two." She smiled.

"Who are your friends?" Emmett was always so nosey.

"Well, Rosalie likes Emmett, and Alice likes Jasper." she told them.

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"I'd never дана much though how I would die.But dying in place of someone I love,seems like a good way to go.I can't bring myself to regret the decisions that brought me face to face with death.They also brought me to Edward."-Bella

Bella:"Are Ты going to tell me how Ты stopped the van?"
Edward:"Yeah.Um...I had an adrenaline rush.It's very common.You can Google it."

Bella:"Will Ты tell me the truth?"
Edward:"No,probably not.[Bella turns away slightly angry]I'd reather hear your theories."
Bella:"I have considered radioactive spiders and kryptonite."
Edward:"All superhero stuff right?But...
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Ты got done petting the dog and then saw the time it was 8 at night.
You: Sabrina dear it is time for bed.
She nodded and ran to the house. Ты laughed and went towards the house. Ты went in and put her to постель, кровати after she was in her pajamas. Ты kissed her night and went to your room. Ты saw Emmett looking at a фото album.
You: Well, handsome what are Ты looking at?
Em: Oh just pictures and imagining Ты in a sexy outfit.
He smiled and Ты giggled and shut the door and went to him in no time. Ты kissed him and before Ты knew it Ты both were naked. (I am going to let Ты use your imagination)...
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Ты went through the rest of the school week like a ghost. Ты couldn't get that dream out of your mind. Mike, Angela, Jessica, Erik, Ben, Lauren, and Tyler kept on making sure that Ты couldn't go and Ты told them. That it was a family deal. Ты was in your last class on Friday and the колокол, колокольчик, белл rang. Ты got out of the class and went to your locker seeing that your sibbling were waiting for Ты by your locker. Ты almost made it when Mike stopped and started talking to you.
Mike: Are Ты okay?
You: What do Ты mean?
Mike: I mean Ты have been quiet for the rest of the week.
You: Yeah I am fine. Just...
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Rosalie’s P.O.V:
Hanging out with колокол, колокольчик, белл and Ali was fun. Of course, Alice had to drag Bella and me to Victoria’s secret because she wanted us to look sexy for the men. We went to Victoria’s Secret and bought red, pink, and lacy white bras. Alice bugged Bella to buy a pair of green and white bras that Bella objected looked like hooker panties. I laughed under my breath. But eventually Alice wore Bella down. And the Далее thing Bella and I knew we were holding langeray in line rolling our eyes at Ali’s giddiness. Then we took Bella to a кренделек, крендель place to get her a кренделек, крендель to settle her hunger...
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"none of us have an idea but its stronger then her allready" we had no idea what that ment either. we knew less then them. i think
he thought of the thing ripping her out from the inside
"help me stop it he me stop this from happerning" i whispered. almost begged.
"how offer her my stud servises? this is really sick she will never listern" he flinched like it was desusting to him but to me it was what would help bella to live.
"try there is nothing to lose now how can it hurt?"
and how could it she was allready dieing. so was i nothing could hurt anymore. или was there?
it would hurt me havnt...
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These last few hours had been the worst of my life. Nothing was normal, and it wouldn’t be until this was sorted out.
Alice’s vision had horrified all of us. She had seen thousands of clips of me sitting in a dark room, screaming and withering in pain, and then she had seen me dead and tortured. She had also seen me in hospital, and in Jacobs’s arms. The meanings of this had been discussed over and over in the following hours but we had only come to one conclusion, it was Nahul who would put me in this situation.
Everyone was on full guard, all except Alice and Edward who sat on the sofa...
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Every movie that hits theaters is going to have its critics and fans; some еще than others. This has certainly been the case with the Twilight saga as it has Фаны in a frenzy and haters going berserk.

Then the Фаны turn on the haters and become the haters of... well... the haters. All this going on with extreme passion on both sides of the ring.

It is a bit conspicuous that those with strong negative view points are not happy; but why?

Vampire Фильмы have been around for decades including Nosferatu and Bram Stoker's Dracula. Some claim that these are "real" vampire Фильмы and truly frighten people...
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posted by twilight_james
(Bellas POV)
Edward was ripped off me, a snarl echoing around the trees that I recongised as Emmetts. I crawled back, still on my back, moving away from him. I couldn't tell if the rest of the Cullens were here или not, but I wasnt taking any chances. I tried to get up, but whimpered at the pain in my shoulder, remembering how Edward ahd crushed it. Alice was standing at the side of the clearing, her face blank. Emmett and Jasper were restraining Edward, his wild eyes still focused on me Roaslie came to my side, being the only availble Cullen there, it was kind of her duty to. she placed her...
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posted by twilightfantic1
"Yes thats me" Edward replied "well we were just wondering can we get some help" she said.While walking in. "what can i do for you-"

"My name is jessica and this is justin,Im half- vampire my father is Laurent."

Just then we all froze.Did she come avenge us или the pack?Did she want to take kill my daughter and justin will take out Jacob?

"Dont worry i just came to see if that carlisle would except us into his coven."

"of course we will except both of you." "Thank Ты so much oh bella may i see nessie and nessa?"

"how do Ты know our names" i asked "Well thats part of my talent it cames from...
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posted by renesmeblack

Jacob and I just lay there, staring at the Цвета on the ceiling.
Then I stood up on the rock, touching the colors. They weren't just colors, they were gems!
"Jacob!" I squealed. "They're gems! Rubies, diamonds, emeralds! There's even a clump of sapphires! We're rich!"
I took out a diamond to Показать him. He went wide eyed and took it from my hands. After inspecting it, he laughed.
"Yes, we are! Now we can pay for the wedding!"
The wedding. I haven't thought about it since last night. I blushed at the thought of last night. Boy, that was stupid. Now we'll have to rush this.
"Umm, Jake, maybe...
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posted by renesmeblack
I ran as fast as I could towards Bella's scream. Alice was left behind. I ran faster and faster until I was a couple of yards away from HER.
"Hold it, EDWARD," sneered Victoria. Her teeth were glistening as she opened her mouth and put it dangerously close to Bella's throat. Bella was in pure terror. She was breathing reggedly, her сердце was trying to break free, and I saw tears flowing down.
"Bella, don't move," I said. Victoria put her mouth closer.
"I wouldn't talk, pretty boy. It'll kill her faster, and that would be less fun."
Bella struggled. Then she cringed as Victoria tightened her grip...
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posted by renesmeblack

I ran into Rosalie in the hall. Uh, oh. She didn't look very happy.
"Alice called," she started.
Alice? Why'd she call?
"She сказал(-а) that we're going to meet. Renesmee came back with bad news, and the mutt's not in sight. I bet she's pregnant, and then I'll have a reason to заворачивать, обертывание my hand around his neck," she explained.
We ran out of the house and towards Bella and Edward's. Carlisle was waiting at the door. I peered inside. Edward was holding the girls. Alice was sitting in the corner with Jasper. Never have I seen it get so serious. I saw a strange man in the corner. Judging by the stink,...
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posted by Bella_Swan3

I had no idea what Jacob and Renesmee were doing until they were close enough that I could smell new clothes. I had skipped out of the window and grabbed the clothes and Renesmee.

In no time, I was Загрузка clothes into her closet.

Renesmee was way easier to live with than Bella.

I paused on a pair of shoes. They supported my above statement nicely.

I sighed in anticipation. I could see I'd be doing еще shopping (yay!) in the future, but how far into the future?

I decided that since that seemed too irritatingly far-off to wait for, that Rosalie and I were going shopping again. Tomorrow....
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posted by AdaLove
>>>>>Jane is a sadistic guard of the Volturi and a pet of Aro's. She seems rather горький and easily justifies inflicting pain on anyone with her power. Jane has a twin brother named Alec and they both reside in Volterra, Italy.

>>>>>>>The Volturi had their eyes on Jane and Alec as potential people to change back when they were still human, but were waiting until they were older to change them. When frightened humans tried to burn the twins at the stake, because of witchcraft. Because of all she went through this is why she has this power. Aro was forced to...
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posted by just_bella
This is the last one I will put up tonight, I think I write too much..well maybe ;) Ok here it goes :)

End of Chapter 22

When she was in he room, Jacob Black turned to face me. The look on his face was far from friendly, he stalked towards me..his whole body beginning to tremble.

"Get it off your chest boy." I сказал(-а) as I stood my ground.

"BOY!! Don't call me boy!" He сказал(-а) as he got right Далее to me and bent town so his face was closer to mine.

"Back off, I don't have time for this! Say what Ты have to say so I can get going to save my brother." I сказал(-а) between my teeth, the beginnings of a growl...
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 I drew this on the computer:D
I drew this on the computer:D
I know and Ты know that Вампиры and Волколаки are not real. But there are a select few who truly believe that Vamps and Волколаки are real and even some who believe they ARE Вампиры and Werewolves. Many people on the internet say that they are Вампиры and less that say they are Werewolves, but the thing is that the way these people actually start believing that they are Вампиры is they say it so many times they convince themselves that they really are. Many of them start looking for signs of Сверхъестественное behavior like running faster and being stronger and even being able to have a power.......
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posted by Brown_x_Eyes
Carlisle Cullen (also known as Stregone Benefice[1]) is Esme's husband and Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper's adoptive father. His first appearance was in Twilight and his physical age is 23. Carlisle is described to look like a model; he has blond hair, stands at 6 ft 2 in (1.9 m), and is slender but muscular. Carlisle theorizes that when a human is turned into a vampire, they will have an enhanced ability from their Назад life. He believes he brought compassion from his human life. Carlisle has had centuries to perfect his medicinal talents, therefore making him an excellent...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
Blood Lust
by: BuffyFaithfan1
I've never дана much thought to how I would die. But dying in the place of someone Ты loved, seems like a good way to go. Of course I'd miss him. And my dad: Charlie....
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