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This Сумерки (серия романов) фото contains портрет, выстрел в голову, близком расстоянии, макро, and крупным планом.

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Hope Ты like it! Chapter 2 is out and Chapter 3 is coming soon! xoxo mrsblack

"I just can't believe how big they are!" Emily cooned as she and I watched the twins sleeping. The blue-ish, green-ish light of the bonfire flickered across their faces where they lay on Jacob's lap, breathing steadily in and out.
I could never get over how breathtaking my two little children were. When Jennifer was sleeping she was еще beautiful than any vampire. Her cheeks were a creamy russet color, with just a hint of розовый in them. Her ebony black hair was in ringlets to her shoulders, and her eyes--when open--were...
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