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 Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart balcony pics
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posted by JustMe7
I wrote a poem about Edward and Bella and I just thought I might share it... =) Sorry if the Письмо is a bit lovey dovey and corny! =)

So the lion fell in love
And the lamb, well she fell too
It didn’t take a genius
To know their Любовь was true

She held right on to him
Never wanting to let go
The secrets he kept hidden
Were now hers to know

The fragrance of his breath
The touch of his hand
Not a word needed
For them to understand

But what would happen next?
When her blood was his desire
Every moment with her
Was like walking on fire

In her eyes was the world
She made his сердце alive
He showed her love, where...
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How can Ты not Любовь this guy? The interviewer is totally buying this :D
jamie campbell bower
Just don't see it if Ты don't like this couple/romance between Salvador Dalí & Federico García Lorca <3
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little ashes
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Twilight - Stay With Me
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Белла Свон
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