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posted by dinosteph
Hey there.
If Ты are just catching this story now, Chapter One is here:


I am also on Fanfiction here


If Ты want to read some of my other stuff feel free.

Valentines день story:

Untitled story - 11 chapters.

Surprise for Bella (One shot)

“MOM!” Her voice shrilled loudly through the tiny cabin.

“I'm coming, I'm coming.” I groaned as I finished folding the towels. Ты would think she would get bored of Чтение the same story every night. She had been Чтение for the past eight months, skipping the easy readers and began Показ in interest in the classics. I quickly stacked...
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Song, Blush by Plumb
only Ты
Эдвард Каллен
Белла Свон
Кристен Стюарт
Роберт Паттинсон
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The Character

Name: Marcus

Type: Vampire

Special Ability: Can sense relationships

About Them: Marcus was once one of the prominent leaders of the Volturi in Volterra, Italy. He has the ability to sense relationships and his former wife who is now deceased, Didyme, had the ability to make others happy. After the sudden and shocking death of Didyme Marcus became extremely apathetic and disinterested in life. As a result he voted against destroying little Renesmee in an 'almost bored fashion' without so much as a glance to the Cullens and their allies. Marcus has jett black hair with the fiery red...
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posted by thebellacullen
ok people, i am sick and tired of people who tell me Вампиры don't exsist and ask me how is edward hot if he is imaginary? first off, this is my rant.......
second, edward cullen can not be counted out of anything, real или imaginary...it is just impossible.....
no one can slam edward cullen without me hunting them down like james does
third, i don't care that he is fake, edward is probably the only man i will ever love, and since no one can ever be so awesome i will end up the old cat lady
fourth, i will turn all Ты non-believers into Вампиры so Ты finally believe i was right and Ты were all...
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 Bella лебедь by Kristen Stewart
Bella Swan by Kristen Stewart
Isabella (preferably Bella) Marie лебедь is the daughter of Charlie лебедь of Forks, Washington and Renee Dwyer of Phoenix, Arizona and later Jacksonville, Florida. Her parents were married right out of high school and had Bella at a very young age. Charlie and Renee later divorced, and Renee moved to Phoenix, Arizona, due to not being able to stand living in dreary, constantly пасмурная погода, пасмурно Forks any longer, taking newborn Bella with her. Every summer Bella would come and visit her father for a few weeks in the little cloudy town of Forks where her parents had lived.

Bella stopped going to Forks when...
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