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this was a moment of Чтение Болталка ways to freak people out.

1. walk into class and too your teacher and say "oh Ты do have a mouthwatering scent I have never noticed before."
2. if Ты sit at a стол письменный, стол on your own turn to the empty стол письменный, стол and cry "oh Edward my Любовь how i wish Ты were here to give me something nice to look at instead of the teachers ass." start to sob with no tears coming out.
3. if Ты are sitting Далее to someone lean in very deliberately and sniff there shoulder and say "I am very thirsty today."
4. walk in wearing a Золото band on your wedding finger and wave it about saying "i...
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Chapter 1: Humor

As soon as I walked out of my bedroom Rosalie greeted me with a hug. “Hey Monkey Man” Rosalie сказал(-а) in a playful voice. “Hey Rose”

I replied. “How did Ты sleep?” she сказал(-а) sarcastically. When Rosalie сказал(-а) ‘sleep’ she made air quotes. I rolled my eyes. “Good, I guess”. As we walked downstairs I heard Jacobs laugh. “Uggg” I heard Rosalie mumble beside me. “Come on Rose, He isn’t that bad.” I told her. She ignored me. When we got to the living room I saw Edward, Bella, Renesmee, and Jacob. “Hey guys”. I сказал(-а) to everyone. ”Hey” Bella said.

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