Сумерки (серия романов) What would Ты be?

Pick one:
Human-hates Сверхъестественное creatures
Human-likes Сверхъестественное creatures
Vampyre, doesn't drink humans
Vampye, drinks humans
Volturi Vampyre
I would be a superhero! Like Superman, and Homeless man!
Added by shortynme
I would like to be one like Iron Man!
Added by Bandgeek_XP
human - that a werewolf imprints on
Added by tnme
Human-Hunter of evil but know what Сверхъестественное creatures to trust
Added by Impulse85
half vampire & amp; half werewolf and the most powerful...
half vampire & half werewolf and the most powerful of all beings
a suped head
a suped head
Added by Soyfon
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 XpsychotickissX posted Больше года
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