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Chapter 23. THE TRUTH
I HAD THE SENSE THAT I'D BEEN ASLEEP FOR A VERY long time—my body was stiff, like I hadn't moved once through all that time, either. My mind was dazed and slow; strange, colorful dreams—dreams and nightmares—swirled dizzily around the inside of my head. They were so vivid. The horrible and the heavenly, all mixed together into a bizarre jumble. There was sharp impatience and fear, both part of that frustrating dream where your feet can't Переместить fast enough… And there were plenty of monsters, red-eyed fiends that were all the еще ghastly for their genteel civility....
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


I worked to make my tread sound slow and tired as I walked up the stairs to my room. I shut the door loud enough for him to hear, and then sprinted on my tiptoes to the window. I drew it open and leaned out into the night. My eyes scanned the darkness, the impenetrable shadows of the trees.
"Edward?" I whispered, feeling completely idiotic.
The quiet, laughing response came from behind me. "Yes?"
I whirled, one and flying to my throat in surprise.
He lay, smiling hugely, across my bed, his hands behind his head, his feet dangling...
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    The reception was alright. I can't get over how it was official now. Bella and Edward were married. And soon, she would be one of us. Living in this place I call hell. She was stupid, very stupid. It wasn't that I completely hated Bella. I just hated the decision she made.
    Everyone danced and laughed. We'll except me. But soon I could hear Bella talking to someone in the darkness of the trees. Then I плавить, корюшка it. Ugh, the dog. How dare he come here. It was their wedding for christ sake!

    "May I have this dance?" Edward asked....
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Death is for Immortals (Sequel to Life is for Living)--Title Credit: KatiiCullen94

Chapter 1- Waking Up

I opened my eyes. Was I dead? Whatever I was...... dead или alive. Something was different. I remembered the sound of rushing wind as I had quickly moved downward, away from the безопасно, сейф and stable ground. I remembered the feeling of sickness in the pit of my stomach. I suddenly hadn't wanted so badly to die.

Suddenly I heard two males speaking in another room. "She's awake," one of them announced. His voice, I didn't recognize. There was something about it though that seemed vaugely familiar....
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