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Bella - Beware of the Dog

edward/bella - hello

Edward/Bella - Hurry Up and Save Me

Breakaway -Twilight- Bella лебедь Edward Cullen

Bella & Edward Ты сказал(-а) Ты Never Would Leave Me Alone

Edward/Bella - Halo

Twilight movie- opinion of a german girl --> in GERMAN

Вампиры Choice - Edward's Volvo

Bella and Edward - Sugababes - caught in a moment

Bella and Edward-Angels in the room

Kristen Stewart - I wish I could be as cool as Ты

Twilight (Hear Me Now)

Twilight - You're everything I need and еще

Edward & Bella .. it's love.

Bella & Edward - When I First Saw Your Lovely Face

Edward The Sex God

Edward/Bella - Memory

Bella/Edward - CrushCrushCrush/Faint

edward and bella- rivers flows in Ты

(FULL Interview) La boîte à Вопросы w/ Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Rob says NM Script is Really Good

Edward and Bella- Chemicals React

Twilight Фан Video - Rescue Me

Bella & Ginny || I kissed a girl

FUNNY : Vampwolf project

Bella лебедь is "So Beautiful"

Bella "Get an other boyfriend" (Mike, Jacob, Charlie about Edward)

Bella/Edward/Jacob - Pictures of Ты

Edward/Bella - Over and Over

Bella/Edward - Why Can't I

monsoon edward and bella

Edward & Bella - Everything

my immortal twilight

Twilight It's The One Thing On My Mind ♥

Edward - Think Twice (before touching Bella)

Edward/Bella - Better Than Me

Edward/Bella - I Dare Ты To Переместить

Bella/Edward - It's not over

Bella (Edward/Jacob) - White Flag

Bella (Edward/Jacob) - White Flag

Edward and Bella - Run

Twilight - "Hide"

Edward & Bella - Everything

Stop and Stare// Twilight= Edward and Bella

Edward&Bella-Let Любовь In [Twilight]

Twilight-Can't Let Go!

Tears of an Энджел - Twilight Bella/Edward

Edward and Bella -Meet me at my Window

Randy Mentions Rob in American Idol

Twilight - Bella and Edward - Beauty and the Beast

Twilight Behind the Scenes

Bella & Edward - Hallelujah

Edward- The One

Edward & Bella - Hurry up and save me

Bella & Edward - Everytime We Touch

"New Moon" - Фан made (Edward, Bella) - "Bring me to life"

Why Rob flips Kellan off in Twilight

Twilight, Inseparable-Bella and Edward

Twilight - Edward is a Womanizer

Twilight- Edward and Bella

Twilight; Your Guardian Энджел Bella & Edward

Twilight- Любовь Story

Bella and Edward - Can I Have This Dance

Ashley & Jackson Q&A (Salute to Twilight)

NYLON- Kristen Photoshoot

Twilight: The Puppet Saga

Robert/Kristen: Brighter Than Sunshine

Bella лебедь and Edward Cullen - Crush

Miles From Where Ты Are [Edward&Bella]

Air I Breathe-Edward and Bella

Bella/Alice - All The Things She сказал(-а)

Bella/Alice/Rosalie - Sisters

volvo C30 commercial (lol)

Edward & Bella - This time [ New Moon ]

Rosalie/Bella: All The Things She сказал(-а) (Twilight)

Twilight - Wuthering Heights - Bella/Edward

Bella & Edward - Breathe Easy

Brooke/Lucas ♥ Edward/Bella ♥ Chuck/Blair: Don't Let Go

Kristen Stewart’s Nylon cover shoot

Edward Cullen - Ты take my breath away

Twilight bring me to life

Edward and Bella - Бабочки Don't Lie

Lion&Lamb - Ты and me

My immortal - Bella and Edward

Edward/Bella - I will be*

Edward/Bella: Jizz In My Pants

Edward & Blair (Bledward/Wallen) - Just so Ты know

Already Over (Jasper/Maria/Alice)

Jackson Immitates Rob as Well

Kellan and his Impression of Rob

i promise for ever: midnight sun

Robert Pattinson (Ryan Seacrest Interview) Belongs to E! News Телевидение Oscars 2009

Robert Pattinson Presenting at the Oscars 2009

twilight curtain falls

Twilight Timeline, Because the Night, Bella and Edward

Twilight - Alice and Jasper - "You Will Be My Ain True Love" (good quality)

Twilight (I WIll Be)

Twilight - best of

Need New moon Bella/Edward

Twilight That's all I've got to say