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Edward/Bella - Echo

Bella - Breathe

Alice and Jasper- How to save a life

Twilight - Edward Saves Bella

Twilight - Sunglasses scene

Twilight full baseball scene

Japanese Twilight trailer

Prom Scene

Twilight - Bella and Edward ♥LOVE♥

Bella лебедь [Twilight] : Lalaland


Edward & Bella - With Me

Hate me Bella [EdwardxBella]

Twatlight (HD) - funny ;)

Edward and Bella - Here With Me

Funny Audio Interview Moments with Robert Pattinson #1

Funny Interview Moments with Robert Pattinson #9

Funny Interview Moments with Robert Pattinson #8

Twilight - Edward and Bella's Story ("Somewhere In Between" by Lifehouse)

Bella and James - Twilight Prelude

Bella & Edward

Edward and Bella - Memories' Lullaby [ New Moon ]

Edward/Bella: Stars

Taylor Lautner - Показ His Sixpack

New Moon - Cast Update

A 'New Moon' for Vanessa Hudgens? - 01/12/09

Rob Pattinson & Taylor Lautner - Tyra 11-28-08 #2

BBC Breakfast Interview

What was the funniest/craziest thing about filming Twilight?

Would Ты ever дата a Фан или a regular girl?

Robert Pattinson Kidd Kraddick Interview (part two)

Robert Pattinson Kidd Kraddick Interview (part one)

Robert Pattinson Kidd Kraddick Interview (part one)

K. тушить, тушеное мясо in Paris

Boston Herald: Interview with Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson and his sisters

Robert Pattinson

New Moon - Controversy

Q&A with Twilight's Robert Pattinson at the яблоко Store Soho

Robert Pattinson on GMTV

Robert Pattinson on View from the бухта, залив 11-10-08

Twilight Interview

Kristen & Robert Le Grand Journal Interview Part 1

Kristen & Robert Le Grand Journal Interview Part 2

Edward & Bella - Caught in a moment

Edward & Bella - Electrical Storm

Twilight - Edward and Bella, storm

Ed&Bella - Il regalo più grande

My Life Would Suck Without Ты - Bella & Edward (Twilight/New Moon)

Edward/Bella - Echo

Fiery Sun; [Twilight/Midnight Sun]

Kristen/Robert [I can't stay away]

Poker Face- Twilight

Edward/Bella - "Vast" - Twilight

Meeting Taylor Lautner!

Бейонсе - Halo // Twilight Edward&&Bella

Twilight - Lullaby for a stormy night

Эдвард и Белла

Bella & Edward - everytime

Edward and Bella - Ты Told Me Ты Loved me

Edward ~ Bella ~ How soon is now?

Without you-Twilight

Любовь story-Twilight (song :Taylor Swift)] Edward & Bella / Robert & Kristen♥

Twilight Movie-Since im going to hell.

♥♥Edward & Bella Ты Found Me♥♥

Robert/Kristen- "You make me feel..."

Echo - E/B

Bella/Edward - Twilight : "True Colors"

Twilight || New Moon Trailer || My Vampire сердце

Twilight - Edward and Bella- Keep Holding On

Edward/Bella - Living In a World Without you(quality test)

Bella and Edward-Dance with the devil

Ты never been so used as i'm using Ты (jacob;bella)

Bella's Lullaby - Edward Cullen [riverflowsinyou]

[Twilight - Edward/Bella] My Life Would Suck Without Ты

Twilight - All these lives - A James tribute...of sorts

Twilight - Think Twice Before Ты Touched My Girl

Seventeen forever- Twilight

~Twilight~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Bella's Lullaby Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Twilight Bella & Edward (Look After You- The Fray)

Bella and Edward- Innocence

Twilight - Bella and Edward

New Moon-Thinking of Ты

Im Yours//Edward&Bella

Bella and Jacob

Twilight - Rosalie/Emmett

Twilight: Alice and Jasper

Robert/Kristen - Things I'll Never Say

Todo Cambio [Edward y Bella]

Collider Interview with Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz NEW MOON

Exclusive Video Interviews with Edi Gathegi Rachelle Lefevre

New Moon Trailer (Fanmade)

All I Ever Wanted .Edward and Bella.

Alice & Jasper - What Dreams Are Made Of

New Moon - Edward Cullen - Made to Любовь Ты

Broken Wing (Twilight: Bella/Edward)

♥Broken Wings - Twilight

Bella and Edward-Memory

Bella & Edward - Ты Found Me