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Jacob/Bella- The Kill

wonderful surprise (rob/kristen)

Edward and Bella: Twisted

Bella & Edward || Twilight: Hot N Cold

Edward & Bella - Любовь Story

Edward & Bella - Because Ты Live

Edward & Bella

Twilight Рождество ~Jingle Bells Rock~

Landslide | Edward & Bella

Edward & Bella - Everything

Edward & Bella - Superhuman

Edward & Bella - With Me

Edward & Bella - In These Arms

Edward & Bella Forest Scene

Robert Pattinson Showbiz Hot Five

Bella/Edward/Jacob - Where I Stood

"how could Ты do it"- new moon- bella/jacob

Twilight - Edward/Bella - I can feel Ты

Bella + Вампиры (Twilight)

all these memories [RPαттz&;KSтєω]

Secret Smile (Jacob/Bella)

Edward & Bella: Iris

Edward/Bella (How did Ты find me?)

Robsten - Misery Business

New Moon: Fallen Through - Bella & Edward

Twilight interview with ITN

Twilight Trailer- The OC Style :)

Ты are my heaven; Edward&Bella[Twilight]

RPattz Ireland audio interview [part1-2]

Funny Little Feeling - Twilight Cast

Edward & Bella - Untouched

Twilight-Edward/Bella- Alway's & Forever

Edward Cullen is a womanizer

OFFICIAL** TWILIGHT teaser trailer

iris (edward/bella) TWILIGHT

New Moon || Bella & Edward: Storm

Robert Pattinson Interview

Moviefone Unscripted: Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart

Kristen/Robert [CrushCrushCrush]

Edward/Bella: Kiss My Eyes

Pressure [Edward/Bella]

Twilight! гараж scene

Edward is a Superhuman!

Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene talk about New Moon

vampire baseball spoof


Eclipse- J/B - A Drop In The Ocean

Twilight - Bury Me

Эдвард и Белла

Edward/Bella - Broken (New Moon)

Alice tribute ~Alice's song~

Twilight - Edward/Bella - Let Me Sign

New Moon Trailer

New Moon Trailer

NEW Twilight Фильмы Stills!

Twilight *NEW PICS*

Twilight Guys ("Sexyback")

Twilight Guys = Too Sexy *swoons*

It's Raining Twilight Men

Bella/Edward - Time is running out

Robert Pattinson Interview La минута du vendredi

Robert Pattinson interview with the movie guy

Michael Copon talks about new moon rumors

Edward & Bella - No promises

Twilight's Hilarious Sex Talk

Rob Talks About Getting Married

Rob and Kristen BBC Radio 1 Interview [Part 2 - Audio]

Rob and Kristen BBC Radio 1 Interview [Part 1 - Audio]

Twilight Spoof

Robert Pattinson Interview about Twilight

Robert Pattinson's Band ♦ Bella's Lullaby ♦ Movie Музыка

New Moon - Kristen Stewart

Twilight-Let It Rock

Kristen, Who is sexier, Zac Efron или Robert? (reupload)

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson- Bonding

Edward/Bella- CrushCrushCrush

Twilight: Shattered

Twilight - Scandalous

Twilight - Scandalous

Twilight- Bella's Lullaby

Twilight Slideshow - Decode

Edward/ Bella - Twilight

Kristen Stewart Talks about Being One of the Youngest on Set

Robert Pattinson on Twilight vs. Harry Potter

Twilight- About A Girl

Twilight - Behind the Scenes with the Guys

Numb - Bella + Edward

Decode - Paramore - Official Twilight Soundtrack

Bella and Edward - Flightless Bird

Twilight• Robert Pattinson on his Nickname- RPattz

New moon - Bella's Immortal

Alice Cullen - Innocent Eyes

Twilight Behind The Scenes - Prom Scene

Edward & Bella - she's like the wind

Twilight-It ends tonight

Twilight - In the Place of My Любовь

Twilight- Behind the Scenes

Bella and Edward - Seventeen Forever

Edward/ Bella - Eat Ты Alive

Edward & Bella - Slide