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Edward and Bella: If I Didnt Have Ты

Edward and Bella - Saying Sorry

We Made Ты Bella лебедь

Bella Edward & Jacob -Battlefield

The Reason - Edward Bella

New Moon: Bella's Memories of Edward while she's Drowning

Bella and Edward- Catch Me

Edward/Bella-Say Anything

Twilight's Edward & Bella - Clair de Lune

New Moon - E & B - Tears of an Энджел

Bella & Edward ( Twilight ) - Dead But Breathing

twiligh Любовь

Kristen Stewart Almost Kisses Taylor Lautner!

no twilight related but it's extremely SAD Ты must watch it COMPLETE to understan what I mean. =(

Edward and Bella - This i swear

ECLIPSE! Summit FIRED Rachelle Lefevre (AKA Victoria)?!

ACZONE THE MUSICAL featuring Michael Welch from Twilight

Behind The Scenes Comic Con New Moon

Renesmee's Lullaby

Renesmee's song

Who would Ты rather date?

Twilight Mistakes

New Moon (Italy)_Into The Woods

Ashley Greene talks New Moon at Comic Con

RobPatz interview

Rob Pattinson Growing up and family

Rare pics

Rare pics

New Interview With Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed and Rachelle Lefevre

Twilight Cast and Crew at Comic Con screening

Diary of Jane (Acoustic) - Edward&Bella

Edward and Bella - At the beginning

Twilight-The Right Kind of Wrong

Edward Cullen Song WITH LYRICS

E/B: When did this storm begin*

Edward & Bella - Skinny Любовь

Twilight: Cullen Family-Cyclone

Renesmee Cullen: How to Disappear Completely (Jacob's death)

Edward/Bella - Iris

Bella and Edward - He could be the one

Jacob: Bella I'll Be Right Here When Ты Need Me

Edward and Bella - Breathe in Breathe out

Look After Ты : Edward Bella

Edward&Bella-Love will be Right Here

Twilight - My Immortal

[Bella & Edward] 'I cant help falling in Любовь with you'

[Bella] - Please, don't! - cliff diving -

Jake/Leah[/Renesmee] - Instincts Still Remain

I Did Not Resurface || Bella {New Moon}

Hilarious new interview of new moon cast :) Rob is so funny in this

♥VERY RARE Robert Pattinson Pics with "1,2,3,4" with Plain White T's ♥

Rob rare &random pics

Twilight Lalala

Tell Me Something I don't know

Cullen Boys

Nessi3 & Edward

Edward's Золушка

Renesmee Cullen

new moon / twilight / edward / bella /

Jacob & Bella // Believe

Edward&Bella | Long Shot

Silver and Cold - Bella & Edward

Beautiful Stranger- (Edward/Bella)

Unusual Ты Bella & Edward Ты

[Twilight saga]~Edward if thats what it takes~

Bella Cliff Diving

NEW MOON | EDWARD AND BELLA || Предварительный просмотр

Bella/Edward- What Hurts the Most

Open Your Eyes - New Moon

Jacob Bella Edward - Going Under

Bella & Edward ~ Circus

My Heart-Bella/Edward

I turn to Ты Edward

Любовь Triangle- [EdwardBellaandJacob]

Bella лебедь - Only Human

Kevin Smith's Просмотры on Twilight

EB - Call me - Shinedown

Twilight - Paralyzer

Edward and Bella - Shine

some twilight guy!...lmao

Alice Cullen- Sister Physic

much better quality-woow this looks as original O.O (don't pay attention at rating jealous ppl)

Funny Interview Rob Patt - I can't stop laughing hahahha

Twilight cast at special screening San Diego 2009

New Moon Предварительный просмотр HD 2: (with subtitles)

New Moon Предварительный просмотр HD: 1 (with subtitles)

Taylor Lautner talks about working out and the New Moon Фаны

Megan лиса, фокс talks dirty - edward подушка =)

Edward/Bella~Free Fallin'


Edward & Bella [What Ты Don´t Know]

Pretty Girl (The Way Bella Loves Edward)

Free Fallin - Edward/Bella(preview)

gravity [edward/bella]

New Moon Tribute || Предварительный просмотр || "Say it Right"

[Edward and Bella] One Time

get ur freak on

Courage{Edward/Bella}Twilight/New Moon

Twilight unleshed

edward/bella | sacrifice