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written by Connie Norberg

Charlie seems to be in Любовь this time with Chelsea so he agrees to let
her set his brother, Alan on a blind double дата with one of her very
good friends. Charlie shows concern for his brothers child-like
behavior and thinks it’s about time he engage in a relationship with a
woman now since he has been divorced for quite some time. So Charlie
informs his brother that he will be going on a blind date, to which
Alan reluctantly agrees. As they meet up with Chelsea and her friend at
the restaurant for dinner, they slowly begin to realize the shock about
to hit them: Chelsea’s friend turns out to be Charlie’s stalker, Rose!
While Chelsea has no clue, she continues to introduce her friend to
both Charlie and Alan. The looks on their faces were priceless!

It appears that Rose has decided to pretend that she has never met
either one of the brothers before. With that, Charlie and Alan begin to
give in and play along too for sake of possibly losing Charlie’s
girlfriend, Chelsea. Charlie is on a mission now to find out Rose’s
angle; there must some hidden meaning to her madness. After all, why
would she want to have a дата with Alan when she has been Charlie’s
stalker for all these years?

Much to Charlie’s dismay, he begins to see that Alan may possibly be
falling into Rose’s trap. Quickly he consoles his brothers’ engagement
but it seems to fail. For Alan has fallen for Rose and Rose fallen for
Alan, it would seem. But Charlie is not buying that. He knows Rose all
too well and fears she is doing this to get back at him for dumping her
in the past. So he decided to confront her soon after. Rose explains
that she was doing Charlie a favor by check on his girlfriend to make
sure she was not nuts! So she began to stalk Chelsea and thus lead to
their close-knit friendship.

Turns out, Rose did fall for Alan. But the минута she became obsessed
with him, he quickly explained to her that there has to be boundaries.
After agreeing with him, she went on to tell him she did not like the
new “Alan” who is not so passive. The Далее morning, she had apparently
super glued one of his model cars to his lower abdomen. Charlie knew
very well what this means; Rose is no longer obsessed with Alan.
Perhaps she has the obsession for both Charlie and Alan out of her
system – или not.

The best way to sum this comical episode up is
in one word by Charlie’s maid, Berta, "diabolical!” .

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