Hi , i am wahidullah from Afghanistan i recently bought (two and half men) eight seasons in dvds and i just loved it too much i am watching 5 to 7 episodes a night its wonderful my Избранное character is ( charlie sheen ) as charlie harper he is the foundation of the Показать a great actor and comedian and secondly my Избранное is Alan , jake , rose they are also very good rose is very beautiful and cute but i hate Alan's wife Judith she is ugly and bad actress and now i heard that the creators fired charlie sheen i just don't believe it first i am gonna say to the creators thanks for creating such a good Показать and secondly firing charlie sheen is a bad Переместить the Показать will go down it will lose Фаны Ты have to bring charlie sheen back he is the reason of success of the Показать please bring him back he is the reason i am watching the show.
thank Ты