The details are not yet clear but the Ex- wife of link звезда Jon Cryer has been arrested on charges of criminal act of child abuse.

Sarah Trigger, a British-born actress who acted in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey and an episode of CSI: Miami was married to Jon Cryer and were together from 1999 – 2004. They have an eight год old son Charlie Austin Cryer. In 2004 they got divorced.

According to a spokesperson for the Hermosa пляж, пляжный Police Department, after receiving a call from Trigger’s current husband (whom she married after divorcing Cryer and from whom she’s now separated) regarding an injury sustained by their 2-year-old son, officers arrived at her residence at approximately 10:47 p.m. The child was found with rope или cord marks on his neck, police said. A weapon was also recovered from the house that police believes was involved in the (alleged!) abuse. It hasn’t been confirmed that the child in Вопрос is the one born of Jon and Sarah. She was later released on a bail of $1, 00,000.

The Department of Children and Family Services is enquiring the case, and the injured child is now “in безопасно, сейф environment”.

If these allegations are true, there is just one question: How is that fiend free and on the streets today?

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