Tyra has done alot and still does, examples: movies, music, TV, modeling, photography!!!!!!!!!
MOVIES: Life-Size
She was one of the main characters in this movie and did great in it, it was like it was a whole different person she put on a character wich is hard to do!!
MUSIC: songs
She sang in the movie Life-Size [Be A Star] she was great, real great and now does other Музыка to!!!!!
TV: Tyra show&ANTM
The tyra Показать is great its like OPRAH except for younger people and еще fun!!!!!!!!!!!! ANTM is an amazing modeling Показать its so cool i've personaly always have wanted to be on that Показать its so inspiering!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MODELING: Photoshots&Runway
She is so great its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just look at her she beautiful and that great attitude helps!!!! To much to say about her!!!!!!!!
She does alot of great Фото and she shows it on ANTM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think thats helps Ты understand!!!!!!!!!!