Throughout Disney's history, Della утка is nothing other than being a mentioned character of the утка Family, she was not even in the original cartoon или comics and is still only mostly mentioned in the first season of the reboot. But however all it takes was one solo single episode to make the Фаны fall in Любовь with this character. What made Della утка so likable?

First of all, she is not just some mother, she is Scrooge's and Donald's close relative and have similar traits like them. She is not some overly nice Энджел with forced character traits but she rather just goes with the flow. She has a very bad temper, very bad luck and is extremely violent just like Uncle Scrooge. Most of the time, they would put such a character to someone boring but here they put her to be someone relatable and funny. Her solo episode did not just simply tell us what happened to Della Duck, they showed us who Della утка is.

Secondly, what made her amazing is her solo episode and how she did it. Throughout the episode, Della mostly had a comedic way of life on the moon but for all the Фаны who seen every episode before that can feel the pain she feels inside and it made us laugh at her attempts and touched at the same time from the Dollar sign S.O.S to the Холодное сердце head. We even saw her reacting to gyro's insult in the manual and how she tore it up. Della's episode is a very amazing episode and so far my Избранное in season 2. Della has now finally become a main character of the Показать and with an amazing stand-alone episode and Дисней did it perfectly.

The last thing I will write about here would be the moon theme lullaby. It is a very beautiful piece, not just in sound but in nostalgia and what a lot of Фаны know for a long time but this is probably the first time the moon theme have an official canon lyric. I am sure that a lot, if not all of Ты cried after hearing it. If Ты were to hear the song right now, Ты most likely will NOT cry at all. The reason is that if Ты hear the song alone, it will be a touching song but it will not make Ты cry. What made us cry though, is Della Duck. Throughout the episode it was mostly silly and humorous and when Della gave up a chance to see her boys so another mother's child would be able to live, that is very beautiful. It's very painful for us to watch and еще painful for Della to do, and when she sang the song she would sing to our Избранное triplets before they were hatched, what she sang everyday for them, that moves us all to tears as all the struggle we saw her face lead up to this one beautiful moment where a song we thought was just put out because its catchy and nostalgic to a song with a lot of meaning.