Hi, I am Kris Spars from the Duckburg Report. I have amazing news for all Ducktales Фаны and I am sure a lot of Ты know that еще episodes for season 2 is coming on May 2019. That is less than 2 months from when this Статья is published.

For a huge screening, I suggest Ты plan ahead with popcorn, maybe some Друзья then put in drinks или whatever because Ducktales is coming and it is coming this May!

We are going to see Scrooge’s other rival, John D. Rockerduck, Lena's return, a new bestie for Webby, Scrooge and Goldie together again in an episode where Fenton and гироскоп will tag along apparently with a new awesome looking WOODEN GIZODUCK SUIT!! Also Bubba's coming and I am so hyped for it.

But еще importantly, after the What Happened To Della утка episode, I can be rest assured that season 2 could be as good или hopeful better than the already beautiful and amazing season 1.