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Those of us who have seen the Underword Фильмы have seen the pairing of Selene and Michael.
But what are our thoughts on how или why they met and fell in love? I'm personally not quite sure whether it's fate, destiny или if it was just coincidental and fortune. We know that Michael's ancestors were connected to the blood fued thats been raging on for years, but no one сказал(-а) they had to become an item, so to speak, или even stay together longer than needed, even take it to further heights...
I suppose the fact that Michael became a hybrid( which made him stronger than Selene and any of the lycans или vamps on their own) helped them because Selene guided him along the way and Michael became virtually unstoppable to most.
However, as it closes we see them "end up" together as the 2nd movie concludes.
So, fate или just chance?
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