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posted by LLCoyote
Ok... nobody kill me. I have a feeling after I write this Ты will want to though. I was working on a few Видео (Yes I'm that big of a Фан that I make Видео XD) and I realized something a bit... disturbing. I think Beck is kind of a jerk. Don't get me wrong, I adore himbut he can be a class A jerk when he wants to be (look at me using my clean language! Yay me!). I Любовь him with Jade I really do and I know that Jade isn't the easiest person to be with but hear me out...

Ok, remember Freak the Freak Out? First of all he let that chick put her hands all over him. If Ты have a girlfriend, Ты don't just let Болталка women take the drink from your hand and sip from it, или feel your hair up (which I thought was weird in the first place). Then when the girl looks Jade up and down saying, "I don't see much" Beck just gets up and makes sure Jade doesn't kill the girl. I understand having a cool head about things but seriously? Ты just let someone insult your gf?

If that's not enough let's Переместить on to another episode. The Pilot. He was totally great in this episode until he let Tori Kiss him. It's one thing to not agree with your girlfriend being a jerk to the new girl. Even to get mad или fight over something like that but Ты don't Kiss other women out of spite! What the crap?! If I was Jade I'd have been out of my сиденье, место, сиденья and on those two.

Locked Up. Beck had a lot of really sweet moments in this one but he also had a few really crappy ones. First he sees that Tori is antagonizing Jade on purpose about going on the trip. This I can kind of understand him not stepping in over because Jade was doing the same thing... but he didn't have to look so pleased about it. Then when they get to Yerba, Beck lets girls, AGAIN, rub all over his head and faun over him until Jade gets ticked and chases them off.

Wifi in the Sky. Ok, it was kind of cute that he didn't tell Jade the girl was a little kid at first but then at the end of the episode he expects an apology from Jade. Sure she broke his door down but he STARTED it. At the very least they both should have owned up to it.

Robberazzi. Beck makes two jokes that are totally uncalled for. Again, Jade's reaction is funny but it's still rude. Who jokes about breaking up with their girlfriend when she's clearly already upset over something? If he'd have just done it the once it may have been ok but to do it on camera in front of Robbie and his weirdo crew was very wrong of him.

Jade Dumps Beck. I understand him not taking her back at first but the way the writters made Beck respond really made me boil. WHO can break up with their girlfriend of almost two years and not be upset? Jade's difficult, totally. I get it. But instead of being upset at all, Beck tells Tori he's happy about it. I'm sorry but that just doesn't happen. Relationships don't last that long if Ты don't Любовь the person and if Ты Любовь the person Ты aren't seen riding to school with your hot famous friend and telling people Ты don't give a flipidy do da about her leaving you.

There are multiple times Jade shows possesiveness and jealousy in their relationship and I can understand that Beck has to have the кулер, охладитель head but he doesn't seem to care half as much about them as she does. I know it's just an exterior but I really wanted to see Beck get jealous over something with Jade just once. Does he think he's that much out of her league that she'd never leave him? Because he's totally wrong. Maybe it's just the cool guy exterior he's got going but I really do Любовь those moments when he genuinely shows that he loves her. Like when in both the Pilot and Locked Up, when danger came up the first thing he did was grab Jade to protect her или in Jade Dumps Beck where he tells her that he never stopped loving her. THAT is the Beck I'd like to see just a teeny tiny bit еще of. Not enough to break his image, just to make him look a little less jerky at times. What do Ты guys think?
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Okay, I know many people Любовь the Показать and so do I. Trust me I do. But there are some parts/things on the Показать that tick me off. Now, this is my opinion please respect it and if Ты agree I'm fine with that.

Hmmm...let's start with 'The Diddly Bops'.

{The Diddly Bops}
So, when they are all getting ready to perform in front of the children, Cat says: "Umm..Tori, Jade can't fit her boobs in the hamburger." Ты know, I have a nine-year-old little brother that was watching this with me the first time it came out. He asked me: "What are boobs?" I just ignored him. That episode was kinda inappropriate...
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