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For once, I'm NOT ranting. I do want to share my opinion though and hear what Ты guys think.

Was anyone else extremely proud of Tori?

I really expected Bori to happen this episode and I was bummed about it.Then I saw how it was happening and I was like "Are Ты serious Dan!?" I thought he'd built up their entire friendship over season three just to knock it to smithereens (Holy mc doo doos that is a real word?!) and I was really disappointed. Then I thought they were going to Kiss right there in front of Jade and I felt terrible for her. Long story short when she stood up for Jade I was jumping for joy.

Though I will say that it really confused me to see Tori do this especially saying, "I couldn't do that to a friend.".... This is the girl that in season one kissed her best friend's CURRENT boyfriend AND kissed Beck for revenge. I'm really happy to see Tori 'growing' it seems really out of character for her. If she keeps on this path I might like her a lot more... but I doubt it'll happen. Does anyone else wonder how long Tori will uphold these newly found morals?

BECK on the other hand is getting close to my hate list. Before I go on, let me point out that Tori and Jade are technically 'friends'. It is clear that they hang out and even get along on occasion even if Jade picks on Tori and denies their friendship. For the most part, their rivalry is harmless and the girls have learned to get along after what? Two years?

So дана those facts, Beck made me FURIOUS in this episode. One, how long has it even BEEN since he and Jade broke up? Ok I get him Поцелуи Trina, it was a con, and it was a funny one... but he's trying to get into a serious relationship with Tori now when he's fresh out of a THREE год relationship? Pardon my language but what the hell Beck?! I say it's serious because instead of asking her out, Beck just went in for a kiss.

Even if he wasn't fresh out of a long term relationship. Jade and Tori are FINALLY able to be in the same room without murdering one another. Beck didn't for a секунда take into consideration how Jade would feel about him being in a relationship with Tori. He even сказал(-а) so. How can he totally not give a crap about how Jade feels at all? And if he really doesn't care about Jade, shouldn't he at least care about Tori? Did he even stop for a трещина, сплит секунда to think that Kiss would destroy the newly formed and excessively fragile friendship that the girls finally have??? Jade would hate Tori, would start trying to destroy her again! Tori really does like Jade, values her as a friend, and I think it would really hurt her to have Остаться в живых that friendship. Does Beck care? Noooo, let's lock lips now and think about what the hell we're actually doing later!

And btw his arrogance really jerks a knot in my tail! If I were Tori, I'd have smacked him. I don't care how hot Ты are Beck! If Ты come over to a girl's house while she's broken down and highly distressed and take advantage of that opportunity to hook up, you're a wazz bag! Also, who says Tori even wanted to Kiss him??? He just assumed because he was hot and because he treated her nicely that she'd want to Kiss him when he hadn't asked her out on a real дата или anything. Maybe I'm getting too old, but that basically сказал(-а) to me that Beck thinks Tori is easy.

Wow... I swear this wasn't going to be a rant... how did it even turn into that? I just started typing and kind of Остаться в живых control of myself... now I have to change the title. And I swore on fanpop... so there goes that personal rule. Hey, I'm a girl, I have hormones. Leave me alone XD.
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(We see Peter wearing a housekeeping women's uniform at the honeymoon suites level. He looks tired while pushing his клеть, ящик full of cleaning products. He stops at room 214. He hears moaning noises and giggling. he knocks on the door) Housekeeping. (No answer. He knocks again) Housekeeping.

Beck's Voice: Come back later, please.

Peter: Housekeeping?

Beck's Voice: Not now.

Peter: (annoyed) Housekeeping!

Beck's Voice: Go away.

Peter: I come in anyway?

Beck's Voice: No! Go away!

Peter: I come in anyway. (He walks in on Beck and Jade having sex under the постель, кровати sheets and nothing revealed)

Jade: (Her hair is...
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In case Ты don't know the song, check out the original version by Queen. It's pretty hard to sing.
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