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First off, I'm still sad. Just so Ты all know that but I haven't stopped loving the Показать yet. It still gets a lot of my attention. Recently I've been Письмо reviews (I've Опубликовано one under Видео on here) and I've only uploaded one of them due to internet issues.

But as I rewatch the episodes, I'm seeing some things I didn't before. Maybe it's my imagination, или maybe in some cases, the writers were being clever.

First off, I'm very proud of the way this Показать ended, intentionally или not. Beck and Jade WERE back together, and I will address my issues with Beck later in the Статья but I was still happy it happened, and it happened in an interesting way. Also, Cabbie didn't just pop up all of the sudden. There was a back and forth about it, and honestly Ты can either believe they got together или not, there is plenty of evidence for each argument... but all of these seem trivial in the face of this one thing... Tori Vega is single... and she doesn't care. It's lovely.

As people, not just girls, we're often taught that Ты are happy and 'normal' if Ты have a boyfriend или a girlfriend. The issue pops up еще with girls. Media and social pressure tells young girls subliminally, that when you're "Blank" years old Ты have a boyfriend. There is no why или realistic warnings about what will come of it, this is simply how things happen. The girls that are not dating someone are seen as outcasts, weirdos, или jokes in most shows... but not Tori Vega!

The messages I feel Виктория-победительница send about dating are very interesting if I decide to analyze them critically. For one thing, our protagonist has absolutely never been desperate for a boyfriend. She's only really been 'desperate' for a boy's attention once, and it didn't take her long to realize how stupid it was. Tori has had very little boyfriend drama. It was hinted she had a crush on Beck (sort of), then she had the Danny issue, and then of course Moose, или whatever the hell his name was. In the Pilot, she kisses Beck, but it's to get back at Jade, not to lure Beck with her charms. She's being spiteful, not flirty. Other than that, we have no episodes depicting Tori as lonely или even wanting to be with someone. She is clearly single, and she just doesn't care. It isn't important to her. If there is anything young girls want to take after Tori for, let it be this. Ты can be perfectly happy on your own.

(Also girls that are desperate in this Показать (Trina,) are often seen as the ones to be laughed at)

But we didn't stop there, Beck and Jade reinforce that lesson, changing it only a little. The Bade break up was good for Jade. Liz сказал(-а) once that Jade was 'lonely' at one time, but for the most part she recovered really quickly. We even get to watch her struggle through that initial awkwardness. She's so used to having Beck. He's her company, her lover, her guardian, and her condemner at times. Beck fills every social need Jade has in her life или at least most of them... and that's never healthy. It's probably one reason she was so insecure and WHY she was so testy before the break up. If Ты fight with the person Ты use as your main social support, and Ты don't really know how to relate to your other friends, wouldn't Ты be testy? If she Остаться в живых him, she Остаться в живых everything right? Wrong, and the break up teaches her that. We watch her immediately grab onto Cat, whom I've always assumed knew Jade before Beck and is her best friend. But Cat can't be what Jade wants, and Jade's horrible temper keeps the rift between them... but soon Jade starts to change.

She doesn't scream AS much, her insults get less scathing and we can see that Jade is starting to feel normal. She's adjusting. During this time we see her grow. She learns to connect with other people (seen hanging out with Andre on their own, she starts to get along better with Tori, her relationship with Cat seems on the mend), she learns to trust her Друзья and that she can't control them (who they hang out with), and she eventually becomes the strong, unshakable Jade she was in the first season, less prone to fits of rage. It seems Jade has decided what she wants by the time Tori Fixes Beck and Jade. She doesn't want guys fawning over her, and she knows what she wants in her partner. I think this is why she wants Beck again. She knows that he is what she wants, but doesn't seem desperate to have him или anyone. Lonely, perhaps, but not clawing for anyone's attention. Then when they're back together, Jade hasn't 100 percent changed, but they now understand each other, and Jade has grown enough to accept things even if she doesn't like them sometimes.

So what does that say about relationships? Ты can't be happy in a relationship with someone until you're happy outside of it. Jade clearly had personal issues, not Beck issues. She couldn't have Beck issues because Beck never changes! Once she worked through her issues, she calmed down enough for Beck to realize the girl he fell in Любовь with is still in there... and he still loves her.

Moving on, Cat's character is interesting when it comes to romance as well. It may not teach a golden lesson in every one's eyes, but I think it's great. Cat is a flirty girl, yet I've never heard her described as 'slutty'. Despite the fact she's constantly and shamelessly flirting with guys, and all different sorts of them. I think it's great personally. It's great because she isn't seen as a slut, just a girl having fun. This image has been acceptable for men for years, but the секунда girls flirt with еще than one guy, for SHAME! Really, Cat isn't a tease или a whore или anything like that, she's just Cat. She's enjoying the company of guys that compliment her and make her feel good/good about herself but she doesn't want a connection. She doesn't want to be tied down, even to someone she likes (Robbie, though the reason she turned him down may have been a social issue... Idk). This may not be a roll model for young girls. I don't think any young girls или boys should walk around being constant flirts, but that's just my opinion. But certainly, if it's ok for boys (like Beck) it's ok for girls. Ты go Cat!

Another instance where gender roles seem reversed in the relationship factor is with almost all of the boys (excluding Beck). This is interesting. Not healthy for them, but interesting. Almost ALL of the boys pine for a girlfriend еще than once in the series. Andre tries to act like a player, but he clearly wants a relationship, and Robbie just wants any girl (but mostly Cat). Again, I don't think anyone should be desperate for a relationship but it is kinda funny to see.

Off of the relationship thing and onto another. The Вопрос I have is why some people don't like Jade. They constantly say stuff like, "She's a bad person" или "She's mean/a bitch"... but is she? Sure she's a temperamental loud mouth, my neighbor is a temperamental loud mouth. She's rough and swears like a sailor and Ответы the phone with "What do Ты want bitch?" but when my grandmother died she was one of the first people who called me. She offered support, help, even money.

So the Вопрос is, does being rough around the edges make Jade a bad person... and I have to say no. Jade isn't a BAD person... she just isn't easy to get along with. Out of all of the characters Jade is the one constantly learning some sort of lesson. Rarely does she do something horrible, and not suffer consequences или learn better. And she doesn't repeat offences, if Jade learns a lesson, it sticks and she grows.

I don't understand how people can dislike или even hate one of the most if not THE MOST developed character on the show. Over the course of four seasons we see Jade constantly changing. First she devolves in season 2 into a screaming maniac, but then she grows. Jade learns, Jade changes, and by the time season four ended, she's someone I'd have loved to be Друзья with. When we look at the essence of Jade's character (which I will not do here, because it would take forever) we see someone who genuinely cares for the people in her life. We see someone grow up. By the end of the series Jade has completely evolved while most of the others either stayed the same (Beck and Trina) или got worse (Andre and Cat).

So how can Ты not like Jade? I'd be willing to argue that Jade is one of the best people on the show, despite her flaws.

It is late, I had a crap еще to say. I can't remember it x.x but this Статья is already long, so I'll just write a new one when it comes. What do Ты guys think? What do Ты see when Ты watch the Показать with dissection tools? I'd Любовь to know.

Also, I'm not sure whether или not to post by character analyzes I've done on this site, they may be too wordy. I may put them on fanfiction. If you'd like to read them though, или have any advice, feel free to tell me.
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