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Виктория Джастис
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Wow it's been months since I've written an article, and I have to say it's been out of sheer laziness and lack of time.

As I've сказал(-а) I had minor surgery to my foot, which makes me unable to walk. This is actually really great, because I've literally watched every single Виктория-победительница start to finish.

Re-watching everything has made me realize something about Cat. I've сказал(-а) earlier that I thought she was getting stupider, but now that I've watched it all over one after the other, I don't think that her intelligence has dropped TOO much.

Yes she's slightly worse now, but as I watch her, it isn't...
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Ok. Here it comes for the millionth time. I feel like I should have a theme song for my rants, but I'm too lazy to make one. So why don't Ты make up your own theme song and sing it in your head right now.

*insert theme song here*

Whew! I Любовь that song, it touches me every time. Now, onto my rant. This is aaaaa серовато-коричневый, dun, дун серовато-коричневый, dun, дун duuun, Jori rant. Yup, another one. This time, it's еще so aimed at Dan though and the aspect of homosexuality on this Показать period.

I'm really sorry if Ты don't want to admit it, but there are a lot of homosexual referances on Victorious. I personally Любовь it and hate it and...
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Robbie:Ho ho and ho!
Cat:hi hi and hi!
Sikowitz:Alright young Влюбленные of learning and short pants!
Cat:I do Любовь short pants.
Jade:Cat,Guess what I love?
Jade:Slapping perky red heads.
Cat:*laughs,sees hair,gasp*
Sikowitz:Now Jade,Don't be a Рождество Grunch!
Rex:Ha ha,Grunch,that's my word!
*Tori and Andre come in fighting*
Robbie:Ho ho ho!And jingle bells!
Tori:No Andre!Don't do that!
Andre:*Flips Robbie out of his chair*
Tori:Ah,ya did it.
Jade:I bet that jingled his bells.
Andre:I'm sorry but all y'all can just keep Рождество spirit to yourself!
Sikowitz:Andre,You gotta...
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-she is so kind and sweet
-i know she's kinda annoying but thats just her character
-she sings good

-he is funny
-On the episode pilot he was the only person who's being nice at tori first

ROBBIE SAPHIRO (Idk how to spell it)
-he is funny
-I like how he's scared of rex

-she is the funniest and savage girl ever
-i know she's mean LOL but she's the reason why i watch victorious

-She is super duper cute and when she cries its so cute LOL idk

-he's the only guy who can calm jade

OKAY SO I LIKE Виктория-победительница AND I WILL FOREVER Любовь Виктория-победительница YAY
#jade #cat
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10:she is the most Legit person ever!!!! <3
9:she is always there when Ты need her
8:she is NEVER mean to people{unlike jade..:|}
7:she knows how to rock a great party
6:she does funny, weird stuff all the time
5:she never lets Ты down
4:she has a great voice when she's singing
3:she is funny
2:she makes awsome brownies
1:She is a sweet girl

*All of these statements are true and very believable, So don't hate on her. Jade, Ты have no сердце and are pathetic if Ты mess with Kat!!!!
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