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zylice posted on Oct 19, 2012 at 09:02AM

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Больше года zylice said…
- (Hunted The Demons Forge)
Caddoc:- "Elara! Can you find a way to get me down there NOOOOW??!!!"

Elara:- "it would be quicker if you 'jumped'....but I wouldn't recommend it...'Old Man!''

Elara:- "Ha! Ha! I truly have a gift for slaughter!"

Caddoc:- ''I've lost NOTHING! Besides maybe patience from your bragging??''

Caddoc:- "Ha! Ha! Try THAT with a bow!"

Elara:- "I do more damage throwing BERRIES!"

Elara:- "Another skull to crush!"

Caddoc:- "Ha! You're a riot!"

Elara:- "Oh I DO love blowing things up!"

Caddoc:- "If that's the last of em...I'm a Tavern Wench!"

Elara:- "Are you even TRYING, Old Man??!"

Caddoc:- "Must you ALWAYS keep score??"

Elara:- "Lagging behind, Old Man??"

Caddoc:- "AGE, has nothing to do with it!"

Elara:- "Trying to keep up, Old Man??"

Caddoc:- " EVER thought that I'm 'not' trying to keep up with you??!"

Caddoc's (I call him 'Krudge') pathetic 'Fighting Noises!'






('Dumb Old Paddock-Krudge!')
Больше года Bond_Of_Fury said…
That old man from Dog's Life (PS2) when you bark to wake him up:

"Eeeh!! I never owned a banana costume! Oh... it was that dream again... I thought they had found my... inflatable..." *snore*

"Eeeh!! No officer! I swear I found her like that! All dressed up that tight... red... errr..." *snore*

Yeah. It's a children's game. ;-)
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Больше года Tamar20 said…
Shaundi: Put your tampons in and let's do this!

Saints Raw The Third.
Больше года Tamar20 said…
Johnny Gat: You're gonna need more help than that, Frenchy.
Phillipe Loren: I am Belgian!
Johnny Gat: Same thing.
Phillipe Loren: I'm going to cut that disrespectful tongue from your mouth.
Johnny Gat: Oh yeah? You and how many of your - oh, that many.

Again, Saints Raw The Third.
Больше года Tamar20 said…
I knew you'd be fine if you landed on your butt. Leon to Ashley in Resident Evil 4
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Больше года Tamar20 said…
Say whatever you please...DIE, YOU WORM--! Ramon Salazar to Leon. That always made me laugh.
Больше года Tamar20 said…
Luis Sera: I have only one, very important question: ...you got a smoke?
Leon Kennedy: Got gum.

Very important question, indeed. XD
Bond_Of_Fury commented…
Very important. Больше года
Больше года Bond_Of_Fury said…
Bruce Campbell in Spider-Man 2 on PS2:

Narrator: "Oh yeah. Lemme talk to you for a sec. about these upstanding citizens with the green question marks over their head. Now, these guys have problems. Like you."
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Больше года Bond_Of_Fury said…
Another one from Spider-Man 2, during Quentin Beck's trial in the arena...

Spidey: "You're a sad little man, Beck..."
Beck: "I know you are but what am I?"
Spidey: "I cant believe he said that."

Больше года Bond_Of_Fury said…
Still Spider-Man 2, during a Black Cat chase...

Cat: "Come on, slowpoke! If we lose Shocker I'll never forgive you!"
Spidey: "Okay! Okay! I'm coming!"
Больше года Tamar20 said…
Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

"Arcade: HELLO, Deadpool. Ready for a fun filled day in Murderworld?
Deadpool: Yup. I've got my sunscreen on and I've taken my motion sickness pills so bring on the rides!
Arcade: Oh, I don't think you understand. You're going to die here.
Deadpool: I know! Carnivals always slay me.
Arcade: No. You are going to physically die... as in stop breathing. You will cease to exist.
Deadpool: Riiiiiight... So do you have bumper cars here?
Arcade: Arrrgh!"

I LOVE Deadpool. XDD
Больше года Bond_Of_Fury said…
In Beyond Good & Evil, when overtaking everybody in a race...

Double H: "Ha ha, you're losers!! They're LOSERS, miss Jade!!"

it may get a little annoying after a while, but I found it hilarious the first few times.
Больше года Bond_Of_Fury said…
In Resident Evil 4, while checking a woman whose head is impaled with an axe to the wall:

Leon: "I guess there's no sex discrimination here."

Lol... Leon, you ass. xD
Больше года Bond_Of_Fury said…
In Alpha Protocol, an underrated X360 game, after shooting an anti-air missle during a stealth mission:

*Loud explosion*
Westridge: *in headpiece* "Mike... what the hell was that?"
Mike Thorton: I... uh... Fired a missile. At the palace.
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Больше года Bond_Of_Fury said…
In GTA III, during the cutscene of the mission Sayonara Salvatore:

Asuka: "Meanwhile, Maria and I will catch up on old times."
Maria: "Oooh, Asuka, you got a massager!"
Asuka: "That's not a massager."

I didn't get the joke when I was eight, but when I play it now I just burst out laughing! xD
Больше года Bond_Of_Fury said…
In The Walking Dead, if you try to open a combination lock with a TV remote:

Lee: "Open Sesame!"
Doug: "That...won't work."
Lee: "I was kidding."
Doug: "It's universal, but not THAT universal."
Lee: "I know, Doug."
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Больше года Bond_Of_Fury said…
In Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, there is this guy that gives you the TM Bullet Seed. He says this terribly dirty thing:

"I like filling my mouth with seeds, then spetting them out fast!"

Больше года Bond_Of_Fury said…
In Spyro the Dragon, there's a pretty funny conversation between Spyro and a dragon he frees:

Tomas: "Hey, Spyro! Press the jump button twice to glide. And, uhm, don't be afraid."
Spyro: "Afraid? For what??"
Tomas: "Falling off of mountain peaks, plummeting into the prehistoric glaciers!"
Spyro: "Oh. That..."
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Больше года Tamar20 said…
Duke Nukem Manhattan Project.

Duke Nukem: I'm not gonna fight you. I'm gonna kick your ass!

Duke Nukem: It's my way, or... hell, it's my way!

Duke Nukem: Your kung-fu is through!

Ha, I love all of Duke's sayings in that game.
Больше года Tamar20 said…
Also "It's time to deliver max pain on the A-train."
Больше года zylice said…
Skyrim Guard: "I used to be an adventurer like you...then I took an arrow to the knee..."

"Could you enchant my sword? Dull, old blade can barely cut butter.."

"If if I find your hand in my pocket...I'll cut it off!"

"My cousin is out fighting dragons...and what do I get?! 'Guard Duty..''

"What is it? Dragon's got your tounge??"

"A man claimed that he saw a man appear of thin air! Said it was one of those Phsyjic Monks from the Mages College at Winterhold...Well I say he's been hitti'n the skooma hard...that one.."
Больше года Bond_Of_Fury said…
In Bully, where the greaser Ricky is talking with the store owner about what part he should add on his bicycle...

Store owner: "Yeah, you wanna get a C785. Then dismantel it and re-couple it with a 767, in titanium. Very expansive, but it will make your machine fly. That's what the pros do."
Ricky: "Really? I was gonna get the 976, because I thought it would make me look important amongst my peer group."
Store owner: "A 976? What are you, a girl?"

I totally didn't see this coming. xD
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Больше года Bond_Of_Fury said…
In GTA: San Andreas, during the cutscene of the mission 'Management Issues'...

OG Loc: "I want you to take that motherfucker out."
CJ: "KILL him?"
OG Loc: "Well I didn't mean date him!"
Больше года vegeta007 said…
At the end of ratchet and clank 2

*after they get the helix-o-morph back*
Ratchet:So what do you suppose is wrong with it?

Angela:I don't know, it could take months of research and.....

Clank:The batteries are in backwards

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Больше года Bond_Of_Fury said…
At the end of the credits of Spyro the Dragon:

"No sheep were harmed during the making of this game. A few gnorcs, but no sheep."

This just cracked me up. I understood then why I couldn't skip the credits! XD
Больше года vegeta007 said…
During jak 3

Daxter:aw, Samos still as green as the stuff between my toes
Больше года Bond_Of_Fury said…
big smile
In Pirates: the Legend of Black Kat, after you find a pint of lager to replenish your hearts:

Kat: "Ahhhh, grug!"
Больше года Bond_Of_Fury said…
In Grand Theft Auto IV, when Niko gets his first assignment from Vlad:

Vlad: "Oh, that's funny. You know, for a damn yokel you're a pretty funny guy."
Niko: "Yes... And for an annoying dick, you're really an annoying dick."

Niko, you'r such a badass.
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Больше года vegeta007 said…
In destroy all humans
Pox:*shows him the saucer*
Crypto:"so that's what you've being doing in your room all this time
Pox:"uh.... yes that's what I've been doing
Больше года Bond_Of_Fury said…
In GTA III, during the cutscene before the mission 's.a.m.', Asuka and Maria were torturing this second-hand of Catalina...

Maria: "Do we thighten it some more now, or do we wait for it to turn black and fall off?"
Asuka: "Give it a quick prod..."
Больше года Bond_Of_Fury said…
Playing Mass Effect 2 now. I'm at this part where two krogans are having an argument about there being fish in the Presidium.

Kargesh: "You ever been up there?"
Rukar: "No. C-Sec won't let me. They sey I'm a risk."
Kargesh: "Ahh... They think every krogan is dangerous."
Rukar: "Damn turians. We should kill them all."
Больше года Bond_Of_Fury said…
In the 2008 Prince of Persia game:

Elika: "Listen, you and your girlfriend need to get out of here!"
Prince: "Girlfriend? Farah is my donkey!"

Ever played the original 'Prince of Persia: the sands of time'? Farah was the name of the princess in that game.
Больше года Windwakerguy430 said…
Oh, I got a llist of quotes from games. Lets start from here

Johnson from Halo 2: "Gear Humanity. We regret being alien bastards. We regret coming to earth. And we most definitly regret that the corp just blew up our raggedy ass fleet

Prophets of the Fire Heart from Fable: Prophet one: We are the prophets of the Fire Heart
Prophet two: It was you destiny to seek us out hero
Prophet three: A beast arises in the frozen north. Only he who claims the heart can stop it
Prophet four: These you will face a creature of such power, not even death can silence its fury
Prophet five: Oh for crying out loud, just tell him to get us out of here

More quotes from the Prophets
Prophet three: But turn all the suns into moons and one of us will perish, and the Fire Heart will ever be yours
Prophet two: What. I thought you said he'd get it even if he gets us all killed. I heard you
Prophet three: Quiet you imbaciel

Steven the Store Clerk from Dead Rising: Listen to me, and listen good, partner. I DON'T ALLOW VANDALISM IN MY STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORR­RRR­REE­E!!­!

The Colonel from Metal Gear Solid 2: I hear its amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara Kiri Rock. I need scissors. 61

A few quotes from Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations: Maya: What, those are the prices. This is madness
Phoenix: No Maya, THIS IS SPARTA

Phoenix: Ouch... My head... MY HAIR

Godot: What do you expect from a defense attorney with a lame hair cut and the chick with the top knot, and me, the prosecutor with a cool mask
Phoenix: Ah... Not the hair
Maya: I don't have a topknot

Here's one from... Some random guy from Hitman: Absolution
Guy: What's that doc... It's not cancer... Oh, thank god, you have no idea how relieved I am... Phew, yeah, nothing can go wrong today (And then he gets pulled out a window and falls to his death)

Here's one from the Sims 3:
Your Sim has died of starvation. It appears a sandwich was a fridge to far

Here's a cnaversation with Vogle and Maroe from Saint's Row 2
Maroe: The saint's blew up the buses while they were on there way there
Vogle: Considering your girlfriend and your gang, you seem to be a target for bad luck
Maroe: You think this is funny
Vogle: No, I don't. But I do think its your problem
Maroe: My problems are your problems, or do you need some fresh air to remember that
Vogle: No, my problems are that there is a sideshow freak messing up my paperwork. Your problem is that there is a group of security guards with assault rifles pointed at your back

And here is are some quotes from Trevor from Grand Theft Auto 5
Never eat Indian people
I'm sorry I showed my thingy, okay
Look, I'm sorry. I'd freak out too If I saws someone's head explode like that. If it's the arm that worries you, that was gone before I got there
And so on from there :P
Больше года Allies57 said…
From Dawn of War
Gorgutz: I don't care if the flyeboys dead, find me another flyer boy so i can kill him instead!


Spookums: Its not like i can hides in the LAVA, mork knows i ain't trying THAT trick again!

Carron: Rhinos! Rhinos! The enemy hide in metal boxes! The Cowards! The Fools! We shall take away their metal Boxes!
Больше года Zeppie said…
From Telltale's The Walking Dead S1

Lee: "Hey Ben..."
Ben: "Hey"
Lee: "See ya"
Ben: "...yeah"

I was in absolute hysteric laughter when I saw that scene for a good 5 minutes, I don't even know why xD