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DoctorSpud posted on Mar 05, 2009 at 08:32PM
This is an example of what I was talking about in my latest article on the spot, people prefer the game with the most blood and guts than which has the most balance and story.

Prototype is a game where a guy named Alex wakes up in a laboratory, escapes, and discovers he has incredible (all violence-based) powers. Oddly enough, he decides to just wreak hell to New York for no reason at all while searching for the men who did this to him. As far as I can see, there's no balance, thought in the story, or moral, just a game that lets you chop off people's heads and killing tons of random people with no consequence. As if you've never played THAT before.

inFamous is the story of a man named Cole who is the only survivor within the blast radius of a huge explosion that rocks Empire City. He gains electrical powers and must make moral choices to choose to save or destroy the city. It's chock full of moral, story, and doesn't need blood and gore to make it's point.

Many people have compared these two games, and guess what: lots of people say they prefer Prototype because you can kill tons of people at any given time, and they say inFamous looks boring and that there isn't enough gore. Is this what's really happened to the gaming community? Would you really rather just slaughter tons of people without consequence and not develop your powers at all rather than become a true superhero who develops his powers and evolves? It's just sad. It makes me wanna vomit up my intestines and then eat them, then cut up my mouth and rip out all of my teeth and then stab them into my eye to blind myself. People have grown too used to violence in video games to enjoy any other game that doesn't let you rip out someone's heart and eat it.

Anyway, here's a YouTube video showing both games, and I'm sure you'll see more than a fair share of idiots commenting on it. I've commented a couple of times on the video, note how many people have downvoted me for preferring inFamous, my username is MeachamProductions.


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Больше года BlueBadger said…
Wow. Both games look almost the same. The only differences that I can find, though, are that Prototype has TONS more blood and (to me) better graphics, while InFamous has a different guy with different powers while in the same city... and the best freakin' awesome lightning physics that I have ever seen in a video game.I just hope that other people won't consider InFamous as a Prototype ripoff because I REALLY want a Sucker Punch game that is worthy of Rocket: Robot on Wheels.
Больше года DoctorSpud said…
Something that I find really hilarious is, people were very negative of Prototype before they polished it off. In my opinion, inFamous still looks worlds better, but now as long as Prototype has at least decent graphics people are going crazy over it. I still find the game stupid and mindless, I'd rather develop my character than chop a dozen people's heads off. And many people already say inFamous is a rip off of Prototype despite being announced a month earlier.
(Also, doesn't Prototype just remind you of Hulk: Ultimate Destruction? Those cheap guys at Radical never vary their games!)
Больше года BlueBadger said…
Yeah, but Ultimate Destruction was awesome. Although that STILL doesn't let me forgive them after what they've done to Crash. "Shudders" I DO agree that games don't need a whole hog of blood and intense violence (unless if you're playing Resident Evil) in order to be good. I mean, take a look at Sly 2. It was awesome, and didn't have any intense violence, or the involvement of ripping people's heads off. Also, Shadow of the Colossus. From what I've heard (and played) it was another very awesome game. I DID see that it had a moderate amount of blood, but that alone didn't get in the way of pleasing the majority of all the gamers out there. There are plenty of great games that either CAN be made, or have already been developed, that can capture almost any gamer's heart without the need for any gruesome and vulgar material.
Больше года DoctorSpud said…
Very well said. I very much agree with what you said about Sly 2 and Shadow of the Colossus, although there really isn't a whole lot of blood in SOTC. Also, look at Uncharted- it had quite a bit of blood but managed to remain enjoyable for most everyone.
Больше года GiantDwarf said…
Now that we're getting closer to the final release dates, I think it looks like inFamous is the clear winner - Prototype has been getting some very mediocre reviews, while inFamous got a 9/10 from OPM UK and snagged a 9.2 from IGN, who is saying it'll be a Game of the Year candidate:


I suppose we can't REALLY declare a "winner" until the final sales numbers are in, but it's no contest for me at least; the demo has completely sold me on inFamous (the demo is fantastic).
Больше года GiantDwarf said…
Speaking of which... since inFamous hits on Tuesday, Sony made the demo available on the PSN as of last night (without needing a code), so everyone can download it now! It's a great way to enjoy the holiday weekend; I highly recommend it!
Больше года BlueBadger said…
big smile
I second that, GiantDwarf, because the demo is SO FREAKIN'AWESOME!!! I downloaded it the day it became available and I still have not deleted it yet. I still can't wait until the actual game comes out, but this demo has kept me occupied for the last couple days.
Больше года DoctorSpud said…
Haven't gotten it yet, amazingly. I had an ill-timed personal situation on Thursday and now I'm all cooped up in my house.
Больше года GiantDwarf said…
Well, I just picked up the game yesterday, and I couldn't be happier - it's one of the rare titles that actually seems to live up to the hype! I'm working my way through my first game (I'll have to replay it later as "evil" as well), and enjoying it immensely; if you haven't downloaded that demo yet, I'd recommend you do so, as you'll want to pick up the actual game shortly afterwards!
Больше года knifewrench said…
Writing up a double-review of the two games :)