Герои Уолта Диснея ★ Дисней Character of the месяц - If Princess Ariel had come to Ты and ask for advice, what would Ты have told her? ★

Pick one:
★ Stop exploring those human ships, it's dangerous ★
★ Stop going to the surface, it's not безопасно, сейф up there ★
★ Ты rescued a HUMAN?! Are Ты out of your mind..? ★
★ Better get rid of all of this human junk, if your father finds out... ★
★ Girl, you've never even met this guy. Stay here and stop whining so damn much
★ True Любовь conquers all. If Ты Любовь him, do whatever it takes ★
★ This sea witch thing sounds... suspicious ★
★ Go after your man, do whatever Ты can to stop that wedding! ★
 PrueFever posted ·2 месяцев назад
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