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R.I.P firestar
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Warrior Кошки chat room. :D

Fire_cat has logged on.

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Tigerstar_forever has logged on.

Tigerstar_forever: hello stupid cats.

Fire_cat: .....

Epic_stripe: .....

Tigerstar_forever: fine.

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Omg_its_bramble: guess what!

Fire_cat: what.

Epic_stripe: what.

Omg_its_bramble: sandstorm is coming!

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Sand_awesomeness: firestar, meet me at my логово, ден now!

Fire_cat: okay.

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Epic_stripe: NO! RUN AWAY!!!

Tigerstar_forever: fine.

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Rainwhisker bolted back up the холм, хилл to where Silvertail and the apprentices were standing. "What was she doing?" asked Honeypaw. "Being a mouse-brain." He replied shortly. Silvertail dipped her head. "We should head back. It looks like a big storm." Rainwhisker tilts his head to the sky. Dark clouds are rolling over the sky. "Yes, let's head back." he agreed. Smokepaw and Honeypaw rush ahead and Silvertail stared at Rainwhisker. "What's wrong?" she meowed. He looked away. "Nothing. Let's go." He ran ahead and followed after the apprentices. Silvertail looked over her shoulder. Right, I'm sure...
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I AM PROUD TO ANNNOUNCE I AM MAKING A 2D WARRIOR Кошки INTO THE WILD VIDEO GAME!!! I will updatw for further info. Right now Ты can:

1. Have the мышь dream
2. Wake up and find it was just a dream as Rusty. (cannot eat the Еда или see twolegs etc.)
3. Talk to Smudge/Argue with Smudge
4. Go to forest, fight Graypaw
5. Meet Bluestar and Lionheart
6. Talk to Smudge again
7. Save file
8. Meet Whitestorm

No asking for customizable Кошки becaus this IS based on Into The Wild. Which reminds me, this does contain spoilers if Ты havent read the book.

link To See The Working In Progress Version Of This Incomplete Game
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Firestar: Courage to make the hardest decisions
Goldenflower: Understanding the Любовь of a mother
Bluestar: Clear judgement of character
Mousefur: Listening to elders
Lionheart: Greatest pride in ThunderClan
Ferncloud: Understanding that not only warriors play a role in protecting the Clan
Cinderpelt: Offering секунда chances
Feathertail: Exploring beyond the borders of the Clan
Ravenpaw: Speaking out against injustice, pursuing the truth above all else


Firestar:    Welcome to StarClan, Brambleclaw!

Firestar:    I give Ты a life with the courage to make...
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warrior Кошки video
DuckFeatherz video
warrior Кошки video
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