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Who sounds like the most evil Call of Duty villain?

Jonathan Irons: (advanced warfare)
Was aware of the nuclear attack that killed thousands of people and funded off of their destruction making him the most powerful man in the world which then drove him mad with power.
And make things even worse Irons releases his ultimatum to remove all politicians, whom he thinks are the problem of the world, at the United Nations assembly and Irons declares war on the world. The Sentinels discover that Irons is planning a pre-emptive strike on the United States. Whom he thinks is weak country that should be DESTROYED!

Vladimir Makarov:
A man, a single man who brought the world to the brink of WW3. Killed millions of innocents. Never afraid to get a gallon of fresh blood on his clothes. Perfect example of a cold hearted killer. Has forever loyal men, and a pack of combat experience. He managed to kill Soap and Yuri, hell, he was even at the секунда to last секунда at pulling the trigger on Price. Along with this feat, he traumatized General Shepard by nuking everyone single one of his soldiers. Makarov respectively also shows how easily one man could bring living hell upon the world. Anything that has a heart, is in Makarov's objective to kill.

Nikita Dragovich:
The main antagonist of Black Ops and for good reason. His first crime was for not sending reinforcements for Reznov at Red Square in WWII. Reznov's men were massacred but he and Dimitri Petrenko survived. Years later Dragovich once again screwed Reznov and Dimitiri Petrenko by testing Project Nova on Reznov's men. Dimitri was one of many that died from this betrayal even after surviving WWII. Then years after that, he brainwashed Alex Mason to kill JFK. Maybe he succeeded?

He executed a president on national T.V.
 Canada24 posted Больше года
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Windwakerguy430 said:
Makarov, no matter what. Yes, the others were bad, but their one act didn't do many things later in the series
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posted Больше года 
True...But Kevin Spacey was AMAZING s Irons.. Ты actually LIKE him at first, and shocked by his betrayal
Canada24 posted Больше года
Yeah, but like Ты said, Ты asked who is еще EVIL, and that is Makarov
Windwakerguy430 posted Больше года
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