Oh my fucking god, what in the name of god happened to this once beloved show.... Okay, so the Показать I am talking about is.... Teen Titans GO.... Oh god.
So, lets talk about the original Teen Titans from 2003. This Показать was amazing. The characters were all unique in there own way. Robin was a serious, but caring leader, Cyborg was tough, but also enjoyed having fun, Beast Boy was comic relief character, Starfire being such an innocent character from a different planet, and Raven being a was a dark character, but had an amazing backstory. And Slade was one of the scariest villains ever, as he seemed like he could never die. And the plot of each episode was so enjoyable, and the series ended with a movie known as Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. So, it ended on a movie, huh. Kinda like another great Cartoon Network cartoon (Ed Edd n Eddy).
But, the sad thing is that the series may have answered some questions, but only added еще in the end, and we never really got Ответы to it. Ten years passed, and we were just going on with our lives, and Cartoon Network was at the heap of there fame..... Not really, the only heap they were at was a heap of shit, because they had lots crappy cartoons. So, they got a new Показать that pretty much drove people nuts. Teen Titans GO. We got another Teen Titans show. Perhaps they could answer the long awaited Вопросы we never had answered. Sure, the Анимация was different, but I could live with that. So, I sat down, I turned on my TV, and, for the first time in years, I changed the channel from Hub to Cartoon Network, and I watched Teen Titans GO. How was it? Well, lets just say that it was the biggest insult ever in the history of the world. I got hate Комментарии that didn't even do worse than what this Показать did.
So, how do I start this review........... The Показать is a goddamn parody cartoon. I never liked those parody movies, like Epic Movie, дата Movie, and Disaster Movie, so why in the hell would I like a Телевидение Показать parody. I don't. Teen Titans is not supposed to be a comedy. Granted, the original series did have jokes, but would Ты believe me if I сказал(-а) that the jokes from the original Teen Titans, which was еще dramatic, was funnier then the jokes from this piece of shit? Yeah, the jokes are that bad, that they actually make the еще dramatic version funnier.
So, another thing is that one of the characters watches a My Little пони ripoff. Hasbro, please, sue them. Please use your copyright abilities for good and just sue them. Anyway, take a good long guess who would watch this show. Probably Starfire, right? Nope. What about Beast Boy. He likes animals. Nope. Cyborg? Nope. ................ Robin? Nope. That's right, the brony in this series is Raven. Really? Raven of all people is the brony. Last time I checked, Raven hates everything cute, happy, and full of life. Yeah, I know that the writers did not watch the original series, but, could they at least do a fucking background check so they don't piss me off even еще then they already are.
Also, if Ты were hoping for amazing fight scenes like in the original, then prepare to be just as disappointed with that like the rest of the show... Yeah, they are god awful. Half the time, they happen off screen............... Off screen in a Показать about superheroes........ Okay, imagine if in Batman: The Animated series, all the fights that happened, first, they'd cut to black for a second, and once it fads out, the fights already over. No, that is lazy and pathetic. If that were to happen, Batman: The Animated series would be less successful. Just like this crappy reboot.
Also, this may be nitpicking, but, this is my review, so I'll nitpick all I want. Anyway, if Ты notice, Beast Boy will eat a pepperoni пицца and a ham sandwich...... Pepperoni and ham..... Ты see the problem here. If not, in the original series, BEAST BOY IS A VEGETARIAN! HE DOES NOT EAT FUCKING MEAT! WHY THE FUCK IS HE EATING FUCKING MEAT!!!!! Okay, so, anyway...
By the way, Ты remember when I сказал(-а) the writers did not watch the original series, well, guess what. I think that is a load of shit, because they have Silky in it. If Ты don't know who Silky is, he is Starfire's pet.... Thing, and was supposed to be the adorable animal companion, however, he served no purpose to the show, and was kinda forgettable, but was at least not annoying. But, like I said, he was forgettable, so how the fuck would the writers know about Silky without watching the original series. Ты guys are either lying through your teeth или Ты are probably the biggest morons in Анимация history.... Actually, I think its a little of both.
Another problem is that Beast Boy and Cyborg are the most annoying bastards ever. I hate these two. I really do. All they do is be annoying или be complete assholes. They are annoying because whatever they say is not funny, but is completely annoying, and the writers know about this, but do it anyway because they are grade A stupid. They are assholes, because they will do anything, even ruin peoples lives, and even kill them, just for there benefit. One example is from an episode where they try to get a free пицца by making the delivery guy late. Kinda reminds me of another dumb episode from another dumb show..... Oh my god, Ты fucking pladoristes. Ты ripped this episode off from the Показать League of Super Evil. For those of Ты that don't remember this show, good, it wasn't that great. Then again it was made by the same people who made Johnny Test, so of course it sucks. But, Ты ripped of that fucking show.... Wow, Ты are just full of unlikability, aren't Ты Teen Titans GO. Anyway, so they fail at every attempt, so, they try there last attempt. What is that? They blow up the fucking пицца shop. Is this funny? Is two super Герои from our childhood killing innocent people because their too selfish to pay for Еда funny. Fuck no. That's fucking horrible. These two need to fucking die. I fucking hate them. They are not heroes, they're fucking monsters that need to fucking die.
So, how are the other characters. Well, Robin has become the Squidward of the series, because no matter what happens he is always getting beaten up for no fault of his own in a way to Показать it is funny. Hey, writers, it was never funny when it happened to Squidward. Why are Ты doing it here. Also, Starfire acts like a teenage girl of our modern age....... I hate her already.
Oh, but that's even the worst part. Everything I told you, yeah, those are not as bad as this part. So, this Показать was dumbed down... And I do mean DUMBED down, because Cartoon Network thinks that kids are stupid and they wont enjoy a Показать unless its a comedy......... Wow, Ты are possibly the biggest assholes in the cartoon industry. To think that Ты used to be my childhood, and now, your taking my childhood, and not only are Ты hurting it, but also torturing it, raping it, murdering it, raping is after murdering it, then eating it. Fuck you, Cartoon Network. Fuck you.
The only good thing about this piece ofshit is that they, surprisingly, got the original voice actors. Even Tara Strong, who is the voice actress of my childhood. I wonder what bet she Остаться в живых to be in this piece of shit.
So, yeah, Teen Titans GO! The biggest insult I have ever seen and the final straw that proved my eternal hatred towards Cartoon Network. But, hey, that's only my opinion. What's Your Take