Hey, so, I guess this is going to be a recuring thing, it seems.... oh well. Well, I guess I will go ahead and talk about еще things that irritate me.. seriously, we must be up to thirty by now.

Stereotypes - Now, these jokes are just some of the stupidest things ever. Literally, there are stereotypes for everyone. Idiots have to be slurred and cross-eyes, which is fucking bullshit (I made a rant about why this is false in my Derpy Hooves review already, so I won't continue it again). If your old, Ты are very forgetful, also bullshit, because my grandmother is in here seventies, and she can remember my name, my birth date, and my uncle's wife's cell phone number (I'm not kidding either). But, the worst of them all are the racial stereotypes. Mexicans do a bunch of lawn work and eat burritos, Russians are alcoholics that wear heavy coats, and the Japanese are yellow skinned people with shut eyes and large teeth, all of those stereotypes, are false. Canada has the worst of them all, as they are treated like the mentally challenged child of the world, when really, the idiots who made this stereotype, America, are idiots. Literally, Canada has made lots of great things. They made Terminator, my Избранное action movie series, Ed Edd n Eddy, one of my Избранное TV shows, and Scott Pilgrim VS The World, which is the best game on Xbox Live Arcade. What does America have. They gave Honey Boo Boo her own show. Instantly the worst country since anything third worldly.

Fanpop Профиль Pictures - Now, its no surprise I am addicted to Fanpop. It has еще things on here then Fuckbook, yet is still underrated. Why? But, even this website has its fair share of problems. One of them is the Профиль pictures are a real bitch. First off, Ты can't change the size, so that makes it a problem. Worse is that no matter what it is, Ты have to make it be a certain size. If it is any smaller или any larger, its not gonna fit. What a load of bullfuck. Still, this website is better then Fuckbook или Shitter.

Computers - Now, everyone owns a computer. Hell, without one, Ты wouldn't be listening to me right now (Though, would that be a bad thing?), but, the problem is that computers are either real fucking slow или something worse. First, lets talk about there speed. Computers can either Переместить fairly okay, or, they can Переместить so fucking slow, it makes a goddamn улитка look like Sonic the fucking Hedgehog. But, the worst part, is that if Ты buy an яблоко computer, like me, Ты will avoid the slowness, but, get something worse. All these stupid fucking Обновления that keep popping up. They never go away, and яблоко is always making them with no sign of stopping. ITs as if new Обновления come out every day. What the fuck? Do those guys at яблоко ever run out of fucking ideas? Before Ты know it, your computers gonna be planted in your head, along with internet connection. But, again, thinking aloud.

Doctors Offices - Now, why would anyone want to go to this place. It's a kids nightmare and an adults torment. Literally, no matter what time Ты get there, Ты got to wait for what feels like an eternity. No matter what, Ты got to wait and wait and wait. And Ты had better brought a portable device to use while your there, because there is no TV, или anything. Instead, they got some of the most boring magazines in the existence of mankind. And, still, even after Ты feel like its your turn, Ты still gotta wait. Is your doctor on his fucking lunchbreak или something. And, when Ты do get in, its just a long talk about crap Ты know about by this time and then some papers saying, "Here's a Список of shit Ты already know, asshole". Trust me, the lollipop at the end isn't fucking worth it.

Dubstep - Is this what all the kids are listening to nowadays? Is this the hip new trend... well then, thank god I fucking hate trends. Seriously, if Ты listened to this the first time in your life, did Ты really think this was music? I literally thought this was just noise, and that's what it is. A jumbled up cluster fuck of noises. Literally, how can anyone find this Музыка interesting. I can find better Музыка hearing nails on the fucking chalkbored. At least there, it is just one noise. Not a fucking burage of them.

Racism - Now, this is a real big one here. This is something that, just like slavery, should have died out in the eighteen hundreds. But, no, it's still going on to this day, no matter what. People do whatever they can to be racist. Weather its saying words like.... The N word and the WB word and the C word (No, I will not say them, incase Ты were wondering). Oh, and it really pisses me the fuck off when they dress as Nazis and KKK members just for laughs. Ha ha, its funny because were insulting a race of people. That's not funny, Ты sick fucks.

Tentacles - What..... the fuck..... internet? What in gods name is this.... Okay, so, this is something from the branch of Hentai. Hentai is a sort of...... Аниме porn..... disgusting, I know. Anyway, tentacle hentai is the worst because.... well..... its exactly what Ты think it is. This wouldn't bother me so much if it weren't everywhere on Google Images. Seriously, say I wanted to do a project on squids, and I was talking about their tentacles, and then went on Google Обои to find a picture of one. Instead, I am дана a picture of a girl getting raped by a tentacle.... for fucks sake internet, why do Ты always have to Показать me inappropriate porn.

Кока-кола and Pepsi War - Okay, so.... what the fuck is the difference. Seriously, I do not see a difference. They both pretty much taste the same to me, yet, people are going batshit crazy saying that they are both the best drinks in the world and they are горький rivals like PlayStation and XBox, or, Call of Duty and Team Fortress 2, или Mario and Sonic. The usual. Still, they are in no way different. Most of all taste. Though, if Ты ask me, I prefer Dr. Pepper. At least it tastes of originality.

Футбол Moms - Oh, now here is the biggest killjoys in the world. Футбол Moms serve no purpose in this world other then to ruin everyone's fun because they don't want us to have fun. They let their kids watch really stupid stuff like Family Guy, yet, no matter what, they won't let them watch My Little пони because, they are so blind of reality to know, DEPRY ISN'T FUCKING RETARDED! SHE'S пересекать, крест EYED, SLURRED, AND CLUMSY!!! NOT FUCKING RETARDED!!! Anyway, other stupid shit they do is try to get Captain Crunch banned because kids want it..... Isn't that the fucking point of any product. Oh, and Ты really got to Любовь it when they wanted Silent Night, Deadly Night to get banned because kids were scarred. IT'S A HORROR MOVIE. THAT'S THE FUCKING POINT! IF Ты DON'T LIKE IT, Ты ONLY HAVE YOURSELF TO BLAME FOR LETTING THEM WATCH IT!!! Lets Переместить on before I lose it.

Penis Jokes - They fucking suck..... they're not funny...... enough said.

So, there Ты go. Another rant done. I am sure I will do more. Honestly, this is going to happen a lot now. So, yeah, these things really make me angry. But, hey, that's only my opinion. What's Your Take