Chuck: (Sits in chair)
TK: Hey, Chuck, guess what. I have your daughter and Stacey
Chuck: Ha, jokes on you, she's invisible
Katey: Dad, seriously, help us
Chuck: You'll never find her
Katey: Dad, please help us
Chuck: She will never fall for your tricks
Katey: .................. I'm invisible
Chuck: Oh my god, there in trouble. I gotta save them (Runs off)
(Later, in Arena)
Chuck: Now, where are the-
TK: (Tazzes him) Now how does that feel
TK: Hm (Tazzes him some more)
Chuck: (Wakes up, hanging from rope) Oh, man, all the blood is rushing to my head
Katey: Dad, help
Stacey: Please, listen to her
TK: Well, its about time Ты woke up. Now, lets have some fun (Lowers rope)
Chuck: (Climbs rope) Okay, just try to remember gym class..... I'm not a disgrace, coach. (Makes it to the top) Okay, TK, lets finish this
TK: Ha, Ты think Ты can stop m- (Chuck punches him) Hey, I wasn't ready (Punches him again) Stop that (Punches him again) STOP (Punches him again) I сказал(-а) STO- (Punches him again) FUCK IT (Begins choking him) Now, time for Ты to die, Chuck
Chuck: Jokes on you. Ты feel for my trap. Now, get ready for my suplex (Thros him over him, but he falls off a ledge) Ooh.......... Whoops......... (Walks to the crank and lifts Katey and Stacey up) It's over. Lets go Главная (Walks out with KAtey and Stacey)
Jump-Scare Zombie: (Pops up) Suprise Motha fu-