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Now, I already talked about the dungeons in Zelda that I Любовь so much… Sadly though, not all dungeons are fun. Now, all these dungeons are either tedious, boring, или were just plain awful. Now, remember, these are the dungeons I hate. If there is a dungeon that Ты didn’t want to see on here, then I either like it, или it didn’t make the cut. Now, with that said, lets start the list

 Savage Labyrinth
Savage Labyrinth

#10: Savage Labyrinth from Wind Waker - Now, this a dungeons that goes on FAR too long. Ты have to fight enemy after enemy after enemy. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Ты actually have...
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Chuck: So, we've been waiting for like...three hours
Stacey: It's been five минуты Chuck
Chuck: Well, I just want to know when something happens Explosion) Something happened. Gotta go check it out
Stacey: Wait, Ты don't even know where it is happ- (Chuck leaves)
Chuck: (Sees soldiers robbing casino vaults) Hey, Ты can't just do that
Soldiers: (Aim Оружие at Chuck)
Chuck: ..................... Uh............ Please don't shoot.......
(Later, after the fight)
Chuck: (Panting) Man, I hope that is the only time I have to do that (Phone rings) Hello
Stacey: Chuck, it looks like that three other casinos...
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Hawkeye: What's with the weird music?
Kevin: Still ahead of your time.
Stylo: It's from the...90's?
Kevin: 80's.
S.B: S.B here folks, and I'm here as your host tonight for Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories. We're gonna kick off the rest of our Показать with Six Shooters 2. Once that's over, we're gonna take a break, because of Chinese New Year, and President's Day. We will return on the 10th of March. Enjoy the movie.

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SeanTheHedgehog & WindWakerGuy430 Present

Men: *Racing hot rods*

Six Shooters 2

Men: *Racing in other hot rods*

Starring SeanTheHedgehog as Alan Martinez
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Well... This is one hell of a way to make a positive impression for the new year. I want to start doing remakes of some old lists, because hey, some lists have gotten old или my opinions on a few of them have changed completely, so I think now would be a good time to change up my opinions on a few of them and give them a new light. So, with that out of the way, aren't some video game characters the worst ever? Weather these characters are just annoying, crude, или just straight piss Ты off, they are always there. Even in the best video games out there, there's always gotta be that one douchebag...
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When the год of scares comes around, everyone is always looking for something that can give them a good old fashioned scare. From Чтение Книги of Вампиры and the undead, to watching Фильмы of aliens and serial killers. And then there are those that play video games around this time, experiencing the horror from a different perspective. Games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Fatal Frame… But anyone can tell Ты that Хэллоуин is all about fear. It’s an important part of Halloween, yes, but there is еще to it than that. It’s the feeling of using this to your advantage, the changing...
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Okay, so after the last game, I needed to cool down and play a much better game. That last one got a little heated, but thankfully, I can try out something that may calm me down and be a joy to play. So, with that all сказал(-а) and done, let us play through a кузнечик Manufacture game. кузнечик made a lot of underrated titles, such as Killer 7, Shadows of the Damned, and the great Wii franchise, No еще Heroes. So, naturally, I really enjoy seeing their name on anything. With that being said, I can’t wait to talk about today’s game, Killer is Dead


Killer is Dead was made some...
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Sean: *Blows his horn as he passes Kevin and Liam with a passenger train*
Liam: Thanks for taking me out here Kevin. This is awesome.
Kevin: I knew you'd like this place.
Master Sword: *Eating an яблоко as he trips Wayne*
Wayne: Hey! Ты did that on purpose!
Master Sword: No I didn't. Honest. *An angel's halo appears over his head*
Duck: The final segment of this week's Показать is starting.
Mr. Nut: Indeed it is. I'm Mr. Nut from The Nut House, and I'm your host on this fine evening. We have On The Block, and Ponies On The Rails for Ты excellent people. Enjoy.

Welcome to the block. And now for...
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So, it’s been awhile since I did an Аниме review… again. I think I’ve only done, at the most, three. And that’s only on the вверх of my head. I do want to review еще at a later time, including ones like Midori, which I have heard is very, very hard to stomach. Perfect for this series. But, for now, I’ve got something just has hard to face. Maybe. Let’s just say that, throughout the Аниме I have seen, blood and gore hasn’t been a major factor in these shows. Was there blood and gore, yes. But it was either very minimal или was in the background the entire time and was not the main...
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 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas

It was a wonderful день in Canterlot, until some ponies started panicking.

Con: What's going on?
P: Discord is back, and he's murdering еще ponies!
Con: I'll stop him!
Discord: Keep it up! Everypony in this town must die!
Korean ponies: Affirmative! *kill each other*
Discord: Don't kill each other! Only kill the ones that live here.
Con: *shoots Discord*
Discord: Ты really think that pistol of yours will work?
Con: I shot Ты in the arm! Why aren't Ты bleeding?
Discord: Because, I'm invincible!
Con: *takes away invincibility* Not anymore....
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There are quite a lot of video games that give Ты the freedom to do whatever it is that Ты want to do. Ты may not be able to do EVERYTHING, but video games give Ты enough of what it has to let Ты do what Ты want, when Ты want. However, there are some games that won’t take crap from anyone, including the player. So, these games have a way to punish Ты for your cruel actions. So today, I want to share with Ты all not ten, but fifteen things in games that punish Ты for your actions. Now, these have to be things that punish Ты for small things, that would not bat the eye of anyone...
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I know that Хэллоуин isn’t for another nine months, but screw it, I like Хэллоуин and if we can still celebrate Рождество in January, then we can celebrate Хэллоуин at any time. So, let us talk about witches in the media, as requested by mariofan14. There are a lot of witches out there. Some are seen as old green women with an evil mind, and the other are young and beautiful women who are good hearted, but a bit mischievous. So, before we start, a few rules. I am including witches from everything. Games, movies, anime, Ты name it. If it’s a witch, she’s there. Second, only from what...
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Wind Reacts to Stupid Stuff on the Internet

Part I: Challenges

“The Drinking Challenge”
Oh yes, because you’ll need to get drunk when your Друзья are this fucking stupid

“The Boiling Water Challenge”
Unless you’re a омар, омаров at a fancy restaurant, there is no goddamn reason to stick your hand in boiling water

“The огонь Challenge”
What kind of masochistic person lights themselves on огонь for popularity? You’re not Evil Canival goddamn it

“The Driving Challenge”
This is why adults don’t trust teens to be in cars

“The Марихуана Challenge”
Well, I look вперед to hearing about...
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Let’s talk about first bosses. They are usually a еще powerful (Most of the time) enemy then the ones Ты have met before, and are the first ones to test your abilities and are a stepping stone for later bosses and challenges in the game. Usually, first bosses are pretty easy, as they help Ты learn what to do and how to get used to the game ahead…. BUT, there are then those first bosses that come along and take none of your crap. These guys basically give Ты a challenge right when Ты start the game, without any warning или anything. So, before I begin, let’s go over some rules. First,...
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After my вверх Ten Hated Video Game Characters list, I really wanted to make a вверх Hated Animated Characters List. However, the problem with that is that I don’t hate that many animated characters. Not that I don’t, it’s just that when Ты play video games, Ты get a different perspective of characters than Ты do watching animated shows. With video games, Ты look through the protagonists eyes, and Ты have the same opinion of other characters that the protagonist has, making the player (That’s you) the protagonist. With animated shows, you’re just the spectator, watching events unfold...
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 Scrappy Doo
Scrappy Doo
Hey, everyone. Windwakerguy430 here… and I did some looking around. After my вверх Ten Hated Characters in Мультики and my вверх Ten Hated Characters in Аниме lists, I noticed that there are a LOT еще hated characters in Мультики and anime. So, I decided to make another list. The rules are simple. Rule 1, The characters have to be from shows I watched. Rule 2, only one character per show. Rule 3, I will try to add as little Аниме characters as I can. And Rule 4, no characters from past lists. With that, lets start.

#15: Scrappy Doo fro, Scooby Doo - Wow, the most hated character on other peoples...
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