Winx club stella Why do Ты like Stella?

GwenTrent posted on Dec 21, 2008 at 09:54PM
I like that even though she isn't perfect, she would still do anything to help her friends and isn't afraid to put up a fight! I also like how she's kind as well.

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Больше года Brankos100 said…
Because she is allways be with her friend and she is so 100% much brave and she is pretty and nice and she did save her father thats is my fav part and that is so cute and sweet thing she did no one dont want to miss her father and hers mother and his father and his mother :-) and she is so kind and very nice and such a cute girl with bigg heart she was so much more adult when she was in season 34 she have been nicier and such a helpful girl and is more and she is the 2nd strongest girl of all the Alfea and she will never give up to a fight like to save her father from that ugly Cassandra and Chimera and she wil lbe allways be with her friend and she is older and she will allways take care of her friends and its more but it wil ltake a a yer to write all what i think of Stella so this is ok one but its more of her search this link)people need to read all of her in plenty of sites and much much more i love Stella because she is best and more and she is so bigg hearted and very brave that other people dont know i love her
Больше года gumballfan1 said…
becuse shes butelful i want to marry her
Больше года WinxStellaStar said…
Brankos100: I fully agree with you!
I don't care about the error. Maybe she did not "Miss Perfection." But I like she forever and ever!!!!!!